Morgan and Andrew

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How We Met

We met at work! We were both marketers working on fruit snacks, but at the time both unavailable. Our story starts as colleagues and best friends who mutually respected and admired each other, and ends with us falling in love and still being best friends! Andrew actually helped me date other people before him and I started dating, at one point in time, he even said “You’re a catch, and it’s a shame he doesn’t realize it, you should be with someone else because you deserve so much better!”. Little did I know, that he was hinting that the “better” was him. Our first date was just a “friend date”, Andrew knew that it was the best way to convince me to go out with him. We went to a Wild game (Minnesota NHL team), got drinks before hand and even took a shot. I had the best evening and didn’t think anything of it, except I panicked when Andrew put in a piece of gum after the game! I thought “Is he going to try to kiss me? Do I want him to? Are we ready to take our friendship that way?” No kiss happened, and after a few more dates, going on a walk around the lake and to the X Ambassadors concert, still no kiss happened. By then, I was ready for a kiss to happen, I wanted to know if our friendship should be taken to the next level.

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I called him on it, because we were flirting like we were in high school, and finally he asked me (not as a friend) over to his house for dinner and to play rock band (an ongoing joke). I went over, we ate takeout sushi from Wakame (still one of our go-to spots), talked about work/friends/life and ended up playing rock band and cuddling on the couch. After ample opportunities to kiss me, and him still not making the move, I was headed out the door when he grabbed my arm (I’m literally halfway into the hall by now) and pulled me back for a kiss. It was a solid 2/10. BUT, I was grinning from ear to ear the entire walk back to my car. We had talks about moving in together, our future wedding and how many kids we wanted by six months. Our best friendship was the foundation of such a beautiful relationship that bloomed so deeply and so quickly. We bought a house before our one year, got our puppy girl Nora at a year and a few months and engaged at a year and a half.

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how they asked

Every long holiday weekend, my family heads to the Kocon Kabin to enjoy some quiet time away from the hustle & bustle of the cities and our working lives. This labor day weekend wasn’t any different, orrrr so I thought. Little did I know, Andrew had my entire family in on our proposal and had been prepping since the 4th of July. This past 4th of July, Andrew had my girlfriends distract me from my family and he sat them down to ask permission for my hand. I knew he’d ask my mom and dad, but I was so touched that he requested my brother, sister, and brother-in-law to be there as well. The entire time, I had no idea that he was asking them, let alone, planning for months on how to ask me! The entire proposal, starting with asking my family, came as a total surprise! The week after he asked my family, he already had an appointment to go ring shopping. That evening, he offered to let Nora (our puppy) out after work. He did, and because of our security system, I could see he was only there for a short period of time.

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We had previously decided that whoever was on Nora duty would stay for a few hours, especially after she was in her kennel all day! So him being in & out, and then headed to Dick’s Sporting Goods, resulted in me being upset. Little did I know, he was at a ring appointment with my mom and sister. Man do I have a bad liar on my hands! After a few more ring appointments (these ones unknown to me) and planning the Labor Day weekend proposal, we headed up to the Kabin on the Thursday before Labor Day, with me convinced that the proposal was happening in Oct. The night before the proposal, there was talks about my future Bachelorette party and less drinking than usual (you’d think I’d be tipped off by now, but I was thinking business as usual). We went to bed and Andrew was more restless & cuddly than usual (again, should’ve been a hint but I was happily oblivious).

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On Saturday, the guys got up to go golfing, and the girls slept a while longer planning on meeting them on the 9th hole to play the back nine. The most obvious tip that a proposal was happening was Andrew shaving before going golfing. I heard him, thought “hmm that’s weird”, turned over, and headed back to bed. Once we actually got up, I texted Andrew asking what hole they were on (this entire time, he wasn’t golfing) and he told me just finishing the 5th. I thought, great, I have a solid 45 min to get ready. Ten minutes later, my sister was saying that the guys were finishing up hole 8 and we had to hurry and get to the clubhouse. YET ANOTHER THING THAT SHOULD’VE TIPPED ME OFF.

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Yet, I was putting my coffee in a tumbler and jumping in the car to meet up with the guys earlier than planned not suspecting a thing. We arrived at the course, and my brother-in-law and father told me that Andrew was going #2 in the clubhouse. Not weird. Not a clue. So they asked my sister and I to hit our first shot and to look for their golf balls that sliced right. Now is a good time to share that the golf course in Wisconsin has a small tarmac next to the first hole. My sister and I teed off, then went searching near the runway for the guys’ golf balls. Sitting there, is a small plane, my sister comments on the airplane and how it’s rare for it to arrive so early at the airport. I look at said plane, think nothing of it, and continue to look for a golf ball. Little did I know, Andrew had hired a pilot to fly him in on it.

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, and land at the exact moment that I would tee off. My sister encourages me to look again, and that’s when I see Andrew. It doesn’t hit me that the proposal is happening, until I see the huge bouquet of gorgeous flowers. Apparently I said something along the lines of “This can’t be real. This isn’t happening” as I headed towards my best friend ready to start the next chapter of our lives. After telling me how much he loves me and that I’m his soulmate, he dropped to a knee (after he asked me to marry him) and showed me the most beautiful ring.

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I said yes and we heard cheers from my family as they were there and heard and saw the whole thing. Andrew was upset that I wasn’t paying enough attention to the ring, so he told me to put it on, and I reminded him that it was his job to do. The ring was exactly as I envisioned and fit like a glove, we were engaged!!!! After tear filled hugs and some awesome pictures, Andrew and I were whisked off in the airplane and it was then, that I realized the significance of the plane. The first time Andrew told me he loved me was before we went skydiving. He shouted it above the roaring of the airplane (and my heart) right before I jumped out. As if I couldn’t love him more, Andrew going above and beyond by pulling off the most romantic proposal at my favorite place, with my family to witness, he even tied our proposal back to the first time he told me he loved me. I have a keeper!!!

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