Morgan and Alex

How We Met

Alex and I met in Kindergarten. We have know each other and been in the same classes since then. In high school, Alex asked me to go to Senior prom with him. We started dating right after senior prom and then four and a half years later, he’s my fiancé!

how they asked

I am graduating from college in December and I was taking my graduation pictures and asked Alex to come along and be in some of the pictures with me. I also asked my parents to be there to take pictures with me and his sister and brother-in-law came to hangout with us too! Towards the end his parents asked if they could come by to see us take some of the pictures and of course I said yes and expected nothing at this point. At the very end of the shoot, he came to take one last picture and looked at me and said “I love you” and the next thing I knew he was down on one knee asking me to marry him. Both of our families were there to celebrate with us, and the photographer got it all on camera! It was the perfect surprise and the best day of my life!

Special Thanks

Remy Thompson
 | Photographer