Morgan and Adam

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How We Met

I had been living in LA for about a year going to college when my best friend decided to transfer schools and move accross the country. She had a lot of successful dates on Tinder so I decided to give it a try. I had been on for about a week, when Adam & I matched! From his profile he looked very adventurous, active, & like a dog lover – all things I was looking for! His first message to me was talking about how cute my sweet black lab, Puck, was. I believe we talked on Tinder for two or three days before he said something along the lines of “I don’t get on here much but would like to keep talking with you, here is my number if you’d like to keep talking” (I have all of our messages saved so I’ll have to go back & see if that is how I remember it!!)

Adam asked me out a couple of times but I was pretty nervous to meet someone from an app, & I was in the middle of finals at school, so I kept flaking on him. Then he texted one day (when I need to be studying for a final) & asked if I’d like to join him and his friends at the shooting range. The first thought in my head was “a boy from Los Angeles who likes to go shooting??? Yes please!” Being from Tennessee, I have quite a liking towards skeet shooting & target practice & it was going to be a group of people so I figured why not!

As I am driving there, he texts saying that I won’t have cell service, but somehow I’m not creeped out by that, and I go anyways – mind you, I don’t have a gun with me and he had maybe 5 or so (& I, indeed, do not have cell service) So I get there & HES LATE!!! He shows up about 10 minutes late with 1 friend!! (to this day he swears that everyone else bailed last minute) Adam, myself, & his friend, Ben, go set up and start shooting. Within 5 minutes he has me shooting his AR-15 (my favorite gun since then) & he’s showing me how to shoot it & keeps telling me how cute I am, right in front of his friend, I felt so weird! After a fun few hours of shooting, he asks if I’d like to go back to his house with him & his friend to swim in his pool. I do, & I meet his parents!

On our first date, right then, in my short shorts! They were so kind, Adam told them we had met through a mutual friend, but right in front of them he’s got his arms around me & is being so flirtatious! Again, I’m left feeling very weird! But nonetheless, the “date” goes on! He ends up taking me up the private mountain in their neighborhood on the side by side while Ben rides the four wheeler. The three of us drive up the mountain and stop at the huge cross on top to drink wine (I don’t drink so it was just Adam & Ben drinking wine together) we made our way back down to his house & went swimming, Ben eventually left, & Adam and I stayed up until 3am talking and watching a movie. In that moment, laying next to him with who knows what movie on, he looked at me and said “I’m going to marry you one day” It was our perfect first date.

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how they asked

Flash forward a little over 3 years after meeting, Adam & I moved to my home of Nashville & we’ve purchased a home & adopted our dog, Guinness! A lot has happened since our first date & we’re stronger and happier than ever. Adam tells me he has a surprise trip planned for me but I can’t know where we’re going. We have some amazing memories in Zion, Utah, in San Francisco, we always talked about visiting Catalina island, New Orleans, New York – so these are all the places I’m debating that he’s taking me; somewhere we’ve talked about or somewhere we already have incredible memories. 2 weeks before our trip I find out we’re going to Paris, France!!! I have dreamed of going to Paris my whole life, but he always said that was a trip I should take with my mom because he had no interest! I’m crying, I’m so excited, I’m packing like a wild woman, I’m ready for the trip of a life time! Now, Adam and I have lived together for almost 2 years at this point, we picked out my engagement ring together, & we had already booked our wedding venue (his idea because it was already booked through 2018!!) So I was pretty sure what was happening on this surprise trip! Two days into our trip & the night before he was going to propose, he looked at me & said, you need to wake up early tomorrow and get ready because we have to be somewhere by 830 to which I spat out “are you proposing?!?!” To which he grinned & said “yes” it’s safe to say, I barely slept a wink. I woke up before my alarm went off, got myself ready, ironed his suit, & off we went (the only thing I didn’t know at this point was exactly where it was happening) The cab dropped us off at the Trocadero, we started walking & he began saying a bunch of sweet things about our relationship & how we’ve grown & how he wants to love me forever. I’m crying, he’s crying, it’s beautiful, the weather is perfect, we’re in Paris of all places, I’m on cloud nine. Then he looks off to my left & seems to be gesturing to someone and then gently pushes me backwards maybe 5 steps (now I know it was to get a better camera angle – hahaha) then he gets down on 1 knee and asks me to be his wife!!

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I don’t even recall looking at the ring, I was too distracted by the woman who runs up to us saying that was the sweetest thing she has ever seen & that she took some photos & wants our email to send them to us!! The photographer Adam hired got some photos with her in them, & they’re hilarious!

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