Morgan and Adam

Morgan's Proposal in University of Delaware

How We Met

Adam and I met at the University of Delaware during my first week of freshman year. We were at a party and my friend actually asked for his number! Adam invited my friend to a party later that week and she asked me to come along for moral support. Long story short, she ended up falling for his roommate and I ended up falling for Adam!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in University of Delaware

how they asked

When it was time to propose, Adam knew that he wanted to include our golden doodle @ColbyCheeseDoodle in the plan. On the drive up to see my parents for Christmas, Adam pulled off at the exit for the University of Delaware and said he had a special surprise for me. I honestly thought it was a sandwich from our favorite bagel place!

He pulled up to the prettiest building on campus, Memorial Hall, and said that we should let Colby run around on the green for a few minutes to stretch her legs. When we got to the middle of the green, Adam asked me to close my eyes. When I finally opened them, I saw Colby wearing a bandana that said, “Morgan, Will You Marry My Daddy?” By the time I turned around, Adam was down on one knee! After I said (hell) yes, Adam pulled out two mini bottles of champagne from his jacket pocket and we popped them on the stairs of Memorial Hall in the pouring rain.

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