Monterey and Matthew

How We Met

Matt and I met through his former roommate back in 2011. We were celebrating another friend’s birthday in Downtown, L.A. and all met at their loft prior to celebrating at the Edison Downtown. It was most certainly love at first site for me but I decided to ignore him for the first part of the evening because I wasn’t ready to get back into the dating game (and he was too cute!). After a couple of rounds of drinks from Matt, liquid courage, we started talking and hit if off! It’s been so wonderful ever since!


Image 1 of Monterey and Matthew

how they asked

I always told Matt that I wanted my family and friends around when I was ever proposed to. He definitely did a great job with that. He made reservations at AOC Wine Bar (one of our favorite places) and arranged for both of our families and my best friend (now Maid of Honor) to be there. He didn’t tell me we had brunch reservations until that very morning. I was watching the series finale of Glee (obsessed) and didn’t realize the time so I was running late. He kept rushing me along and I kept telling him just to let the restaurant know that we were running behind. We were an HOUR late! By the time we walked into the restaurant, our family had waited for so long that they had left for the restroom or were in deep conversation. We rounded the corner and once I saw our parents at the table he knelt down on one knee and proposed! He knew I would’ve figured it out if he gave me a second to process the situation. No body caught the proposal on camera since we caught them off guard but we were happy to recreate it for the photos.

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Special Thanks

Peter Pheng Young
 | Engagement Ring
AOC Wine Bar
 | Restaurant