Montana and Michael

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How We Met

Michael and I met back in 2010 on a small youth group camp run by my church. I was fourteen at the time and practising like crazy for my school’s musical- beauty and the beast. My eldest sister was a leader and we came late with dinner for everyone, and Michael fell for me straight away. I however did not realise this- I thought to myself , why does this strange guy keep stealing my gloves and won’t leave me alone? One of the nights we had a bonfire and as teens do, we experimented with all kinds of foods to see what tasted good over the fire (marshmallows and Doritos for the win, but do not attempt lolly snakes- worst mistake ever). And while the other girls were awkwardly flirting with this one guy, Michael and I spoke about books and movies, the Bible and all sorts of things and I was really happy with the type of friend I was making.

Things got awkward quickly when everyone insisted on stating how much he liked me, which I denied and ended up being very determined never to see him that way.

Michael would message me over the next few years asking me out or wanting to know of I liked him or not and after I would write out a long thoughtful message about how we were just friends he would message me not to tell him. And looking back I’m so glad he did.

In 2012 things changed. I enjoyed Michaels company far more then the other people in my youth group and would hang out chatting “as friends” every chance we could. On one Sunday after church I waited in our usual spot for him, as he was teaching Sunday school. My parents left with out me as I insisted on staying back and then when he finally finished packing up he had to speak to someone else – I’d been waiting at least half an hour now and stayed another 10 or so minutes, I found him and asked if he was ready to chat and he wasn’t so I, in frustration, walked home. On my walk I was very irritated and frustrated but I couldn’t work out why.

A few weeks later he was having a chat with one of our friends about who he should ask to his year 12 formal. And I overheard my name being used. I came up to then asked what was going on and Josh (the other guy and our best man) mentioned what was going on. I was like, yeah I’ll go with you. I went to Josh’s formal as a friend do I’m happy to do that for you too.

(As you are reading this I’m sure you are all frustrated with my lack of understanding that I couldn’t figure out that I liked him- trust me it gets worse.)

His 18th birthday then came up and it was a great night, there was a bonfire and these really epic hammock things, but it was also in winter so pretty cold. As I was chatting with a group of friends Michael came and joined us and one of the girls in our group vocalised that she was cold. I was too but I didn’t want to say anything. Anyways the gentleman that Michael is takes off his jacket and offers it to her. And I instantly became angry, then she rejected it which made me even angrier. Afterwards he noticed I had goosebumps and offered the jacket to me which made me stupidly happy. When I left I went to return the jacket but he refused to take acting like he was half asleep and couldn’t hear me.

I had this jacket for about two weeks and just before I had to give it back I “spilt” my perfume all over it… But I still didn’t realise at this point that I really liked this guy.

It dawned on me eventually after we did a kids holiday program together, but by then I thought- he doesn’t like me anymore. I mean he hadn’t messaged me like the other times he was interested. So I stupidly asked him one afternoon who he liked. He went on to describe this amazing girl, who was fun and smart and talented and all sorts of other lovely things but all I could think was that it was another girl at our youth group because there was no way that he was talking about me.

We then had another youth group camp and that was were we decided with one another that we did want to date- Infront of another bonfire, but I wasn’t allowed to start dating until I turned 18. So we continued chatting but nothing official had begun.

The day of my birthday came along a few months after, and Michael was on his year 12 schoolies trip. I had just sat down with my family with a cup of tea and when I finished my father told me to go out to the front lawn. (We have a gorgeous oak tree) I thought this was really weird, but when I got there Michael was waiting with a picnic. He asked my father permission for us to date, and it didn’t take long for us to realise we were in love with each other. We hated leaving each others side and dated for four years and now the rest is history, I get to marry the man I adore.

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how they asked

It was the morning after my father’s 50th and I wanted to talk to Michael about something before work, so he said how about we go have breakfast at Fairfield Boathouse. I was really excited because we don’t have the opportunity to go out a lot.

Now my best friend Sophie was getting married there shortly so I automatically walked down to the Ampitheatre to reimagine all the plans we had been talking about. When we got to the bottom of the steps Michael was like I have a really great idea, go to the top of the steps again. I’m thinking but I’m lazy and the steps are so far. But he would relent he just said go up the top. So I did and I yelled out ‘now what’ to which he replied ‘ you pretend to be Sophie and I’ll pretend to be Gordo.’

I thought why on earth would he he make me climb all this steps for this, but I continued and over enthusiasticly did the wedding march down the steps of the Ampitheatre- I did not look graceful at all. Now for anyone who knows the wedding march, it is incredibly slow, so half way down the steps I started to run and jumped into his arms, thinking this will be really cute, but he only half caught me, with one arm.

I asked him what was wrong, this was something we always did, it’s how we work and all of a sudden he is down on one knee, at first I thought aww cute, but then there was a box in his hand and either my brain stopped or it ran into over time , because I was hit with about 5000 different emotions. Michael was so kind and thoughtful in his proposal and every word he said filled me with more joy then I can express and with so much going on, happy tears just escaping my eyes, I was proud that I remembered to accept. I said yes, I will marry you. After calling family and besties We then had scones with tea while looking out over the river and it was just perfect and unforgettable.

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