Montana and Jack

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How We Met

I remember watching her play soccer on one of our away trips. I remember watching the game, but I only remember watching her. I thought she was the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen. I remember having to look her up because I didn’t know who she was, but I wanted to know her. I remember seeing her at parties and other social gatherings, and I took chances just to learn more about her. The more that I learned about her, the more I realized that she was a terrific person with an even better attitude and a contagious smile. I would try to “accidentally” run into her on campus just so I could talk to her again. She made me happy and nothing else mattered when I was with her. I would sit in the library with nothing to do, hoping that she would show up again. Eventually, she stopped coming and I was sad because I didn’t know where she was. The only place I ever saw her was in the library at our spot. After a couple weeks, she returned to the library and I invited her to one of my intramural basketball games. I am a horrible basketball player, but I wanted to impress her and make her laugh. I loved her laugh. I wanted to be with her all the time. We listened to music together and laughed and talked all the time. I knew I wanted her in my life. I asked her out on a movie date and told her exactly when to be ready and where I would pick her up. I tried my best to be confident, but I was so nervous. I remember everything about that first date; what I was wearing, what she was wearing, her sweet perfume, how she did her hair, where we went, what we ate, what movie we saw, the time we saw it. I remember it all. During the movie, I placed my hand on her chin and moved her so that we were face to face. I gazed into her big beautiful brown eyes and asked her respectfully, “Can I kiss you?” She blushed nodded shyly. I moved forward to give her a kiss and at that moment I fell in love with her. She was so intoxicating and made me feel as if I could fly. I dropped her off and knew that she was the one for me. We spent the next few weeks together and I didn’t want to rush things because I wanted her to become my best friend first. We told each other everything and were always with one another. On a Wednesday, I told her that I was going to take her zoo on Saturday. I was going to ask her to be my girlfriend at the zoo because she loved the zoo, but I couldn’t wait three more days. We were hanging out in her dorm that afternoon and I asked her to be my girlfriend. She hugged and kissed me without saying anything and finally said yes. I was nervous that she didn’t say anything, but I learned that she did that because she was so excited. A couple weeks had passed and my love for her kept growing. I knew I loved her, but I hadn’t told her yet and I didn’t know when I was going to say those magic words. I didn’t want to rush her because I wasn’t sure how she felt. I remember being with her at my apartment and looking at her. Again, I looked into those big beautiful brown eyes of hers and said, “Montana, I love you”. She passionately kissed me and confidently said back, “I love you too”. From that moment on, I knew that I would risk everything for this woman because I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. I would do anything because she made me happy. She made me feel invincible. She made me feel like nothing else mattered as long as I had her. I knew that I would marry her and give her my life. Still today, I am so deeply in love with her that I cannot go seconds without talking to her. She has become my addiction and my inspiration. I love her with all my heart and nothing will ever take this feeling away.

how they asked

I was born and raised a Notre Dame Fighting Irish fan, and the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do was visit The University of Notre Dame. (I was named after the early quarterback Joe Montana if that says anything) My best friends, Karly and Amy, live in Chicago and Jack and I planned a mini vacation to visit them for New Years. One of the days we planned to visit Notre Dame of course, and I was looking forward to that day for weeks. I was so excited to go I cried the entire way to South Bend. I kept saying how it was the greatest day of life and nothing could ever beat finally visiting Notre Dame (having no idea what was to come). The one place I insisted we visit first was The Grotto. Jack, Amy and Karly were so persistent on waiting till the end for that, and since I was so excited to just be there I didn’t mind either. We stopped and took pictures at every place, and I was completely oblivious to anything that was going to happen. We finally made it around the campus and It was now time to visit The Grotto. Jack and I went into The Grotto to pray and light the candles, as Amy and Karly stood outside. Jack told me he had written something for me and that I needed to read it now. I began reading and instantly starting crying.

All I could process were these words.

“…I love your big brown eyes, the way that you dress

I love you when your hair is done but still a hot mess

I love you so much and you make me crazy…I love you soulmate yes I truly do.

I am indeed, in fact, addicted to you

I will always love you…But before we start our life, I must go down on one knee

I promise you my eternal ever lasting love

Because you were sent to me from the one up above

I’m not perfect, And I might let you down

But I’ll never let that perfect smile turn to a frown

You and I can brave through all the storms and harsh weather

Because I love you for MontaJackEver

You’re perfect in every way

You brighten every single day

But I guess what I’m trying to say:

You are everything To me, you are the love of my life

Montana Lee Montes Will you become my wife”

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The poem was so absolutely beautiful and perfect. I was so caught up in the moment I can only remember that much. I was in complete shock and happiness. I was crying and I instantly knew what was happening. Jack has always been such a romantic. He is always one to surprise me with random notes when I study or have a big test, take me on surprise dates, or just do random cute spontaneous things. I was of course ecstatic when he told me he wrote something for me, but I was definitely not expecting a proposal to come out of it. My heart was racing the entire time, and of course I cried the entire time I read it. The man of my dreams was asking me to marry him, at the only place I’ve ever wanted to visit. In this moment I knew I was exactly where I supposed to be, with the person I was completely meant for.I really had no idea January 2nd was truly going to be the best day of my life.

Jack and I of course had talked about marriage one day, and the one thing I asked of him was that he asked for the blessing of my grandpa and dad. After gathering myself together, and realizing what had just happened I asked who had known about this. Everyone of course knew, except me. I face-timed my mom in a complete mess of happy tears. Little after talking to her and with everyone I found out that during thanksgiving break in my hometown, Jack did exactly as I had hoped. He asked both my dad and grandpa for their blessing. All in one day I visited the most beautiful place I’ve ever been too, and got engaged to the most perfect man. Life is Good!

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