Montana and Irwin

Image 1 of Montana and IrwinAfter work on Friday February 5th, I headed to the new home Irwin and I were renovating for a meeting (or what I thought!) with our contractor to go over final move in procedures. Later I learned Irwin never had any intention of meeting with our contractor – this was all part of his master plan! I was running a couple minutes late (of course!) and was completely frazzled trying to make it in time. When I whipped my car around the corner I noticed our contractor’s truck was no where to be found. At that moment I looked up towards the front door and there was Irwin in a gorgeous black suit holding a dozen red roses. He looked the most handsome he has ever looked. It didn’t click right then! I walked out of the car and he met me halfway on the front lawn on our home. It still didn’t click! He gave me a huge hug and kiss then got down on one knee right there – in the front yard of our new home – and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.

WOW! What a moment! I don’t think I even said YES because I was so thrilled andImage 2 of Montana and Irwin excitedWe hugged forever and jumped up and down with excitement. He then led me into the house for a “house warming gift.” The back door swings open and there waiting to celebrate with champagne was my entire family (grandmas and all!), his entire family and our closest friends – including his cousin Lauren who introduced us – who flew in from New York City that afternoon. We toasted and celebrated on the back porch of our new house with lots of champagne and many hugs all around. The final surprise of the night was a magnificent dinner in the back room at Fleming’s for all 20 of us. That very place was where our first date took place 3 1/2 years ago! What a perfect day. It’s one we will remember forever and that we still talk about on a daily basis. We are planning for a spring 2012 wedding in Sarasota, FL where we both grew up. We are enjoying every second of this time and the many celebrations with all of our friends and family.