Monserratt and Andres

how they asked

Andres, with this help of his friends, planned a weekend trip to Florida. They had told Monserratt that the purpose was a style photoshoot and that the images would benefit a local business for their website. Monserratt had been so busy at work that she hadn’t even realized that it was the same weekend as their 5 year anniversary. Monserratt, a fashion and beauty lover, was very excited for the weekend trip that she had packed at least 10 outfits. The morning of, Monserratt was surprised with a makeover and a new dress. As she got ready Andres and his friends were busy setting up a venue they had rented, a beautiful hacienda style mansion. Monserratt arrived and the ‘styled photoshoot’ ruse was still in effect. They had introduced her to the venue owner and she also played along and thanked Monse for being part of what would be her new images. Monse gladly smiled and was eager to get started. They had her sit and watch a video on style shoots which she found funny seeing as it wasn’t her first but she happily sat and watched. To her surprise the video turned into Andres speaking and a photo montage of their last 5 years. The video ended and she followed a path of white roses where she found Andres with hand extended for a dance. He began to sing to her as they danced and when the song ended he got down on one knee and proposed. She of course said yes and that when the next part of their story started.

Her side:

Monserratt had been so busy with work that when a trip to Miami was brought up, she immediately said yes! She was so preoccupied with her work duties that she didn’t even realize it was the same weekend as their anniversary until a couple of days before the trip. She was told that their friends, owners of M Suarez Photography, had gotten the opportunity to do a style photo shoot in Miami and needed models. A lover of fashion, makeup, and photo shoots, this was a no-brainer for Monse. She packed her best outfits and headed to Miami with a big smile on her face!

Andres and team surprised Monse by telling her that they had hired her favorite Instagram make-up artist for the photo shoot. While she was pampered, Andres made his way to the location and started setting up. Monse soon followed and was amazed at the beautiful Spanish style home and architecture. Although she packed 20 dresses Andres surprised her again with a beautiful black dress that fit her like a glove. Monse was asked to watch a video about the venue and the do’s and don’ts of a styled photo shoot. She thought it was strange seeing as this was not her first rodeo but sat down anyway. To her surprise the video quickly turned into Andres telling her how much she meant to him and showed a collage of photos of all of their adventures over the years. The video ended with Andres saying “follow the path” so she got up, opened the door, and a path of white roses lead her straight to him. Juanes’ Para tu Amor was playing in the background as Andres took her hand and started to dance with her. He then started to singing to her and at that moment her heart melted! She loves his singing! The music stopped and it was then that he would express everything he loved about her and why he wanted to spend the rest of his days with her. He got down on one knee and proposed! Monserratt happily said “yes!” and gave him a big hug. Monse is excited for this new chapter in their lives but mostly enjoying the short period of time she gets to call him ‘fiance’.

Special Thanks

M Suarez Photography
 | Photography
Villa Maria Cristina
 | Venue
Gia D'Espo Hair & Makeup
 | Makeup Artist