Monique and Reese

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How We Met

HIGH SCHOOL SWEETHEARTS! We met when I ( Monique ) was a sophomore in high school & Reese was a junior. During art class, I stayed over & evidently. I sat in his seat. He came up to me and said: “ you’re in my seat “ I looked at him and immediately he said “ just kidding “ he sat across from me and we talked from there. He was telling me how I drew a horrible nose and said “ this is how it’s done “ as he drew one.

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Uhm it wasn’t any better than mine!! We really started hitting it off from there and talking more. He first asked me to be his girlfriend on May 26th, 2011 while I was at work serving. I saw him walk in with a dozen red roses in his hand. My heart was uh pounding 1000x fast as he asked me to be his girlfriend. HE IS THE SWEETEST EVER. 5 years later… it’s 2016 and we are engaged!

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how they asked

We would take mini road trips since we’ve been a couple. Chicago, Toronto, Philly.. and more! Just somewhere that was easy to drive that we can spend a long weekend because we love to sightsee & explore. Especially together :) We then upped our game and wanted some more big adventures..

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We said every year we will try to do a big trip! So we’ve done Dominican Republic, California, Mexico… & surprise Mexico was it! On the very last night of our vacation, Reese asked me to marry him. It was all a surprise and I cried like a big baby. So he waited on the last night to ask me because he was waiting for me to dress up he said. Well, of course, the whole time on vacation I’m in a bathing suit and a cover-up right, why not? We’re on vacation! Well on the last night, I did decide to dress up.. almost didn’t wear this dress he wanted me to wear! He kept telling me I should wear it since it’s our last night and the dress looked good.

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He said let’s walk the beach before dinner and get some nice shots on the beach before it gets dark. So we did!! He took pictures of me with the camera on the beach and I took some of him & of course some together. He grabbed the camera and my wallet and stuff and set it down. We stood around on the beach for a little admiring the beautiful view & the breeze from the ocean & the warmth from the sun. Yeah. I’m reminiscing & it was great! Two other couples were around as well, & as I was pointing that out to Reese… next thing you know, HE IS ON ONE KNEE and there is a beautiful ring in his hand.

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He’s asking me to marry him!! I couldn’t believe it. So naturally, I’m just telling him to stop playing as I hit him a few times and do a little shove ( not too hard hahaha ) & just kept repeating myself, stop playing. He said he wasn’t, as he grabbed my hand and still on one knee. I had tears of joy! I said yes he put the ring on my finger and he hugged me, we kissed and he gave me a little lift. Okay… let me mention how he has this whole thing recorded on camera! He told me to look over at the camera as I walked to our stuff to pick it up and I said OMG!

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So yesss, he planned the whole entire thing. From hiding the ring to making sure I wore something nice, to setting the camera down in a certain place for it to be recorded & to just being so perfect for me. We are now engaged!!!! It’s been two years of our engagement. We’ve set the date for June 2nd, 2018. It will be 7 years and some days ;) of us being together. We love growing with each other & I am so happy to soon be his MRS. I love him more and more everyday & my heart is filled with so much love as I tell our story <3

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