Monique and Ian

Image 3 of Monique and Ian

How We Met

Ian and I are both active-duty military members, as such we constantly move around to meet the military’s needs. Fate would have it that we both got stationed in Utah, both had the same job and were relatively the same age. We had both just come out of long term relationships when we met and as a result, neither of us was really looking to hop back into the dating game just yet. We began as most couples do, going out in groups with the rest of our shared friends and then slowly we began hanging out one on one. I never knew if he was being flirtatious or if I was just reading into it too much and he couldn’t figure it out either! Finally, when we were watching a show at his house I had enough, I needed to know if I was going crazy or if this guy was interested! I sat up on the couch and said “Look! I don’t know what your ex was thinking about not staying with you! Your so handsome and funny and I just don’t get it!” My “come on strong” method must have worked because 2 1/2 years later we are more in love than ever! We have been through so much in these past couple of years but through work struggles, TDY’s, and deployments we have continued to come out stronger than ever!

How They Asked

After all of the worldly events and the months of quarantine, we decided we would take some alone time, actually get dressed up for a date, and enjoy each other’s company. It just so happened we were coming up on our 2 1/2 year anniversary so Ian decided to take the lead on deciding what we would do. I was delighted when he told me we’d be going on a picnic with our pups, the weather was nice and I had been dying to wear this new sundress I’d bought. I became a little suspicious when he mentioned that our picnic spot was an hour away as we had plenty of open parks near our house that we frequented often but I decided to just go with it. When we got there we set up a shop and ate our lunch, he was acting so weird the whole time and I ended up calling him out on it!

He claimed he was just distracted by the dogs but that didn’t explain why he was sweating and scarfing down his food! I kept bursting out in fits of giggles because he was being so awkward and I knew at that point that something was up. He took me to the overlook by our table and got down on his knee at which point I said yes, of course, and it’s about time! I was so thrilled to finally be getting the proposal that I couldn’t help the evil grin from coming across my face, now he was stuck with me! When he got back up I realized there was a man and his wife taking pictures of us, after his acknowledgment of the couple it sunk in that they were photographers! I was so happy that they could capture such an amazing moment making it possible to share with our friends, family, and now you!

Image 2 of Monique and Ian

Special Thanks

Daniel Vadnais
 | Photographer