Monique and Daniel

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Sydney Australia

How We Met

We were each other’s first boyfriend/ girlfriend and met at our first job. I was 16 working at McDonald’s (my first job) as a barista in McCafe. This new Italian boy working at McDonald’s would always come, visit and help me out. After a few shifts together it was evident there was chemistry. I would always rush to finish my work just to hang out with him at the end of every shift. From sharing every lunch break together to eventually texting 24/7, he eventually asked me out on our first date to the local circus… and the rest is history.

how they asked

Dan had convinced me to stay in Sydney for the Vivid weekend. We had driven up on a Friday afternoon and checked in at the dark romance studio at the Star Casino. Thinking that I had a couple hours to relax, Dan had sprung it on me that he had wanted to go see a light show at vivid at Observatory Hill in 30 min. I was far from ready at this point and was being pushed out the door whilst still putting my shoes on.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Sydney Australia

Once we had got to Observatory Hill it was pitch black and vivid was in the distance. I was convinced we were in the wrong place. It was pouring rain and as we were running around the corner for cover, there was the most romantic proposal set up. Red roses everywhere! We walked up the stairs in the gazebo and he knelt down on one knee asking me to marry him. OF COURSE, I SAID YES!!

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