Monique and Brandon

how they asked: One of the worst days of my life turned into the best day of my life. While on leaving our hotel in Kauai to catch our flight to Maui I just so happened to step on glass. My boyfriend and I rushed to the Hospital because my foot was covered in so much blood that I ended needing stitches. The doctor stitched my toe up in 20 minutes and we just made our flight!!

Little did I know he did everything he could to talk to the nurses and doctor explaining he was going to propose. That a photographer was hiding in the bushes. We originally had dinner plans-so I thought. We arrive to a private beach and while walking to the beach he gives me a ring pop. I started laughing and did not know what to think. He’s a real character.

We approach a heart shape rose petal on the sand and he says to get in and take a picture. I was shy and at that moment I thought we were ruining someones proposal. Everything turned into a blur when he kneeled on one knee asking to marry him.

Image 1 of Monique and Brandon

Image 2 of Monique and Brandon

I was in absolute shock. I said yes! Turns out I was the last to know about my engagement. We celebrated with champagne with a gorgeous sunset and the rest is history!!!

Image 3 of Monique and Brandon
Image 4 of Monique and Brandon

Image 5 of Monique and Brandon