Monique and Brandon

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How We Met

Brandon and I really met on St Patrick’s day for a mutual friends birthday for karaoke. During the dinner, I kept saying he looked familiar. Being the sarcastic guy he is he told me to “take a pic it’ll last longer”. Low and behold when I was looking for a picture to show someone else I found one of him. I had taken one of him and his friend a few months earlier at the local renaissance fair. After that, we became friends since at the time both of us were in relationships. We would hand with the same group at karaoke on a weekly basis. Finally the last night of August we both had recently become single. We happened to be the only two from our group at karaoke that week. We flirted a little but nothing came of it. On 9/11/16 I had a creepy guy who I had gone on one date with show up to karaoke.

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Monique's Proposal in Bjs Brewhouse

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I asked Brandon to be my “fake” boyfriend for the night to help ward the guy off. What I didn’t know when I asked him that was how it would turn into a week of us hanging daily and from there only being apart from a handful of nights after. We had just fit so well it wasn’t worth questioning. After our fifth day of hanging out, he finally kissed me. Right when I was starting to think he had no interest. He later told me he had thought a buddy was messing with him by getting me to hang out with him because “you are way out of my league and I’m so lucky to have someone as beautiful as you” Makes my heart melt. The next month I met his daughter from a previous marriage and in May we had a son together. We are making our own perfect family together with full of love. I could not have asked for a better man to be my son’s father and to be the stepmom to his sweet little girl.

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How They Asked

On June 28th I turned 30 so the next night we were going out to dinner with all our friends to celebrate. I had a feeling he was up to something but it could not have been more perfect. After we ate we went outside and got pictures with friends. During the photo, he turned to me grabbed my hands and told me about how much he loved me for coming into his and his daughter’s life and making it full of love.

And he was so happy to have our month old son together and how I’ve been an amazing mom to both kids and he could not imagine me not being in his life. He dropped to one knee and asked me to be his wife. Through my tears, I nodded and blubbered yes. It was one of the happiest moments of my life.