Monika and Kamil

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How We Met

I first heard of my now fiance while writing my master’s thesis. We have met during a seminar led by Kamil. As I am a highly competitive person, and he was an A student of my supervisor, as well as an overachiever and award-winner, I fiercely hated him with all my heart. I was grumpy, critical of his performance. However, after some time I was accidentally involved in an international student project, only to discover that he was the founder of it. We have started to work together and go on project roadshows. There proved to be a fine line between hate and love.

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how they asked

I am generally poor with words, but since we have been dating, there were more times I was speechless that I can count. However, no words can truly give justice to the magic that Kamil has created for our engagement.

This is truly, a real fairytale. Our once upon a dream. I now know that he has been plotting this for four months. He has even involved my parents into engagement ring shopping, immediately after taking them to dinner and officially seeking their permission and blessing to wed me.

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The day before it all started, I have received a call from him requesting me being picked up at 6 am the next morning for a road trip. I was advised as well to take a toothbrush. No more, no less. Indeed, the following morning a black limousine arrived at my house. The driver, all suited up, ushered me into the car denying any explanations. After an hour-long journey, we have arrived at the train station, where I have received a train ticket, for a 7h ride, to Jelenia Góra. I traveled the next +6 hours from Warsaw to Wojanow with no clue where was I headed or what is going to happen. Like Charlie, my boyfriend was texting me every 30 mins for a checkup.

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Upon arriving at my destination, another black Mercedes was set up to pick me up. After a short drive we reached the most picturesque place on Earth – Wojanów Palace – meticulously picked by Kamil after 3 month-long research.

Oh, I did have my suspicions about what was going to happen. Yet, never would I have thought of any of this. At the Palace, I was greeted by the hotel manager, with the bouquet of red roses (with my Boyfriend nowhere in sight though) and led to a private chamber in the tallest tower of the building. A makeup artist and a hairdresser awaited me in the room and in the course of the next two hours, have been magically transforming me into Belle. My beloved Princess role model from my favorite movie – Beauty and the Beast.

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After my two Fairy Godmothers finished their (miraculous) work, the wardrobe has been opened disclosing the perfect fit, custom made Belle’s dress. After helping me into the dress, the Fairies led me halfway down the stairs. When we reached the mezzanine, where first thematic decorations appeared.

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I finally walked downstairs to face my Prince charming. All properly dressed as a Beast.

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I was overwhelmed by the amount of thought, love, and preparations devoted for this, and I have not seen even the half of it. We entered a real ballroom, magically decorated with candles, roses and obviously, a single Enchanted Rose.

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I did not have time to absorb everything. Still cannot. We began dancing, waltz, to various Disney songs. After some time, our private waiter (for this night, officially called Lumiere) appeared.

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After a couple of songs, he officially kneeled. And delivered the most romantic, elaborated and touching proposal I could imagine. I still cry every time I hear it in our video. It was beautifully planned and one could see it came from the heart. Then, Lumiere brought the most delicate and truly fantasy ring.

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How could I say no? I would have said yes even without all this magical entourage. Afterward, we went for a dinner in our private chamber and a sleigh ride into the snow-covered forest. After a year, I still find it hard to believe it was not a dream. Now we are planning our fairytale wedding, obviously, Beauty and the Beast themed.

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Our Video

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