Monika and Josh

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

How We Met

January 1st 2017. New Year’s Morning. We matched on Tinder! We sent a few messages that night, and they continued over the next few days in the app. Not wanting conversations to drag on too long, 4 days later, we agreed to a first date 1/2 way between us, at Doolitles Woodfire Grille. I honestly wasn’t even too sure Josh was into me at dinner, but as the check came around and he ever so gentlemanly picked it up, he asked me, “wanna go get froyo?” I was a little shocked, but of course agreed. We continued getting to know you conversations over froyo, and he then walked me to my car. As we gave each other a friendly hug, he then asked me, “what are you doing on Sunday?” He wanted to see me again? Again a littler shocked, I accepted, and that kicked off our dating life of growing closer and falling in love.

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How They Asked

We had talked in 2018 about wanting to travel to Ireland together. At the start of 2019, it looked as if Ireland wasn’t on our roadmap for the year, as Josh had a lot of his funds going towards his newly growing chiropractic practice. I still really had my heart set on us taking a trip together, I had the travel bug BAD. So I decided… I was going to surprise the man I love with a trip to Ireland for his birthday gift.

In May, when Josh’s birthday rolled around, we went out to dinner and I presented him his gift (He had to guess what it was with a word scramble) Once he guessed it, he afterwards said at that moment I presented his gift to him, a lightbulb went off. He knew he wanted to propose to me on this trip.

6 months later, it was time to depart for the green Isle. The Thursday before we departed, Josh came home REALLY late. When he arrived home, I asked him, “another later night at work?”

“Yeah,” he replied, “my brother in law stopped by the clinic and we got to chatting.” I found out later, Josh actually wasn’t spending a late night at work. He was at my parents house, with 2 bottles of wine in arms, asking for my parents permission to marry me.

Our first few days in Ireland were nothing short of amazing. On the morning of day 5 in Killarney, our plan that day was to stop at the Cliffs of Moher on our way to Galway. As we were finishing a traditional Irish breakfast in our hotel, we reviewed travel tips on Google Maps that people posted about the Cliffs: wear good hiking shoes, hats, mittens & have snacks water handy. Check, check and check. After breakfast, we packed up, and drove in our little rental car up to the Cliffs.

3 hours later, we made it! Even with an overcast day, the colors of the landscape, skies and waves crashing on the cliffs were so vibrant. Near the visitors center, it was really busy. Lots of families, little kiddos running around, musicians playing accordions, guitars, and everywhere you looked, many selfies being snapped from friends, lovers, and groups.

Josh suggested that we keep hiking the trails to enjoy the cliffs and it’s nature more away from all the people. So we kept going. Through muddy trails, we made it past flocks of sheep, a fence full of hair ties, and people passing us speaking different languages from all around the world.

Finally we made it to a more nature-filled grassy area off the path, and Josh suggested we set up his selfie stick he brought that was equipt with a tripod. He always knew I loved to capture photos and videos for the gram, so I of course agreed. We had been taking many videos on the trip so far, that we could later review and screenshot parts for photos, so this moment did not seem out of the ordinary.

Josh set up my phone on the selfie stick tripod contraption, came to stand by me, and the rest of the video explains what happened next.

What was I thinking at the time? I was SO SHOCKED! I had no idea this elaborate plan was up his sleeve. (I later found out he had been picking out a custom ring for me over the past 6 months by creeping on my Pinterest boards!) I was beaming, and felt so loved. I’m with the man I love in Ireland, who I can now proudly call my fiancé.

After the cliffs, we made our way to Galway, got checked into our hotel, and of course had to message our families that the question has been popped. Being on opposite hours, it was a while waiting to hear back from them, so we went to enjoy diner at The Huntsman Hotel. We had an incredible dinner and Toblerone cheesecake. I remember very vividly that Josh raised his glass to me, and said “this is the best day ever. I’m in Ireland, eating an amazing dinner, with my fiancé.”

The words rung in my head as my cup runneth over. I am loved. And I love him.

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