Monika and Gaetan

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how we met

We met in Spain! I was working as an holiday rep for Thomas Cook and she did the same job but working with the concurrence. We met in an hotel in front of the beach and we were both giving a welcome speech to our customers. Even though I was working and busy with my clients, I was just staring at her the whole time. I couldn’t stop watching her, and even during the welcome speech all my clients told me to go to say “hi.” It was apparently so obvious that I wanted to introduce myself. I finally decided to go and meet her and I told her then that we should go for a coffee or something, and that’s where the story began…

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how they asked

We are already 5 years together and we have one daughter who is almost 2 years old. We lived in Spain for 2 years, then we moved to Germany for one year and now we are living in Belgium for the past 2 years. Yes, we’ve been moving around the past few years.

It’ s been a while already that my girlfriend was talking about weddings… For her it was very important to do it before we would get a second child. Last year her cousin sent us a wedding invitation to their wedding in Hungary and I thought this would be a great opportunity to do my wedding proposal at their wedding. Everything began on Facebook where I took contact with her cousin living in Kenya at the time, we’ve skyped a few times too but of course I had to hide all this in order this as an amazing surprise to my future wife.

I’ve asked her cousin if would be possible to do my wedding proposal during their wedding and she directly said YES and was very happy about this idea. Even still, I asked her to ask her husband to make sure this would be ok to do it. The same day I got this following text message from her husband: “Man, this is a great idea!!! Best idea ever! Go for it, we are so excited already and this would make our wedding even more exciting!!! Cheers”

So that was it, there was no way back for me. From the moment they both said yes I could do my wedding proposal at their wedding, I was thinking about it all the time even though their wedding was still in 7 months. When the day arrived, I was carrying the ring in my suit the whole day until midnight when it could finally do the proposal. A few people knew about it (the bride, her brother, the groom and his sister who was the wedding planner that day) and they were just teasing me all day and I found it really funny. I popped the question when the bride threw her bouquet, and it went perfectly.

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She was so surprised and didn’t expect it at all… Very nice surprise! Every time I watch the video again, It gives me tears of joy.

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