Monika and Christian

How We Met

We met through hockey – like any true Canadians do. We both attended Liberty University, I was the sideline reporter for the hockey team’s broadcasts and Christian played on the team. It was senior night and I interviewed him and carried on with life as usual after that. A few months later we bumped in to each other at the rink again and began a conversation. I felt myself wanting to know more about him and was sad when we parted ways. Thanks to social media for allowing us to continue the conversation further – Christian DM’d me on Twitter and eventually we went on our first date!


Monika's Proposal in Lynchburg, VA


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how they asked

Christian has never been a fan of individual attention and never enjoyed his birthday. I love making a big deal out of special occasions so I planned a special birthday lunch for us and was going to take him to an apple orchard afterwards for a nice fall afternoon. Christian insisted we go for a walk downtown because we “didn’t have time to go to an orchard,” and I was very frustrated because I KNEW we had enough time! After walking for about half an hour we finally turn around to start heading back to the car. Christian obliged every time I asked to take a picture of him or with him, which he normally does not do. He was busy on his phone the majority of the walk and I assumed he was replying to happy birthday texts. Now I know he was coordinating with my co-workers/videographer for the event to make sure we arrived at the right time. We approached a garden at the end of the walk and I saw our miniature schnauzer Wilson surrounded by rose petals. Christian presented me a card that said happy 2 year anniversary and I was surprised he went to such great lengths just for an anniversary celebration. At the end of the card was a bible verse that talks about a son leaving his father and mother and the man and wife becoming one. Suddenly I knew this wasn’t just an anniversary card! I started crying a LOT and Christian hurried through the speech he had prepared. I always wondered if I would cry during my proposal…I never expected to sob quite as much as I did. HAPPY tears of course! I couldn’t have been more surprised and it was truly the most selfless proposal since he planned it on his own birthday!

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