Monika and Alex

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Spray Lakes, Alberta

How We Met

We met in the last year of high school, through a mutual friend I’ve known since kindergarten. She invited me over and we spent hours watching YouTube videos Alex and his cousin, Tom, used to film (parodies and skits). I creepily told her that I am going to date this guy one day (because I thought he was super cute and funny). I added Alex on Facebook and we spent a lot of time chatting before the meeting.

We met 2 weeks after we had added each other on social media, at a local amusement park. We attended the amusement park with our mutual friend and a few others. I truly believe it was love at first sight because here we are, 10.5 years later, through thick and thin, running a successful media business together – where we film and photograph 30-50 weddings a year capturing people’s love, it is finally our turn. Because Alex is so amazingly talented and creative, of course, he planned and filmed the whole proposal process and the proposal itself.

How They Asked

As wedding photographers and filmmakers, we travel the world capturing peoples love. We were booked to shoot a wedding in Banff, Alberta, and ironically enough, Alex’s cousin Tom was living around Banff at the time. We decided to take the opportunity to make a worthwhile trip of the business opportunity, where we could explore this beautiful country we live in. Go Canada!

We stayed with Tom, captured the wedding, hopped in a car and visited many of the lakes, went on hikes, climbed mountains, canoed, sightsaw, took tons of photos and filmed lots of content for our YouTube travel videos.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Spray Lakes, Alberta

Alex had pre-ordered the ring from New York to be shipped to a remote FedEx location in the rocky mountains of Alberta, a week prior to us flying out. We had such an adventurous and fun trip, that little did I know, Alex and Tom were in on this proposal together and were both stressing the whole week wondering if the ring was going to arrive in time before we had to fly back home. The week trip was coming to an end and bless the heavens, Alex received notice that the ring was ready for pick up (hours before our flight!)

Monika and Alex's Engagement in Spray Lakes, Alberta

We had plans to go back to a quiet and beautiful lake called Spray Lakes in Canmore, Alberta for a final lunch and goodbye before our flight (We went to Spray Lakes at the beginning of our trip and loved it so much!) When we arrived, I had brought my donut floaty and really wanted to take pictures at the lake, and film drone boomerangs. Because we are photographers, videographers, and Youtubers – there is always at least 2 professional cameras and a drone with us wherever we go.

Monika's Proposal in Spray Lakes, Alberta

Alex flew the drone and put it on a setting where it would hover in one spot. The next thing I know, he grabbed my hand and I went into shock for a few minutes. 10 years, a house and business together – it finally hit me that this was really happening, and he filmed it all! I had no idea the proposal was coming so I didn’t even notice Tom taking photos of the proposal as well. It was truly a beautiful ending to the trip and the beginning of a love story!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Spray Lakes, Alberta

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