Monicque and Daniel

How We Met

Daniel and I met in November 2010 where we both just started our new job at Sydney International Airport. After weeks, of ignoring each other whilst working in the same department, I overheard Daniel talking smack to another work colleague about my favourite NBA team. I can remember Daniel’s face clearly as he looked at me in shock and disbelief that I was challenging him (haha). From that day forward, we blossomed into best friends – we were in inseparable. Everyone around could see that there was something between us more than a friendship, yet we were oblivious to it all and would always deny it! In February 2012, Daniel was gearing up to travel around America with a friend of his. A few days into his trip is when I realised that I really missed him and I discovered that I had feelings for Daniel. During a FaceTime call is when I uncontrollably blurted to Daniel that I think we’re kidding ourselves and theres obviously something more to our relationship other than being best friends. He agreed, and thats when we decided to make it offical over FaceTime. Daniel was due back 2 weeks after that memorable FaceTime call. I remember feeling anxious as I was nervous about seeing him. But as soon as he came back we saw each other that evening and everything felt right.

Monicque's Proposal in Sydney Australia

how they asked

On the 8th of June, after 5 years of being together is when Daniel made me the happiest woman in the world. We spent our morning eating breakfast and going through a stroll of Sydney’s botanical gardens. After, we went to Sydney’s Observatory Hill where we had a spectacular view of the Harbour Bridge and to watch the beautiful sunset. Daniel then asked me to lookout at the Harbour Bridge so he could take a photo of me staring out at it. Unsuspectingly, Daniel slipped in my ring in the photo knowing that I would like to see the photo he just took of me shortly after. So after Daniel took the photo I asked him if I could see it. As I unlocked my phone and opened my camera roll, I see the photo of me looking at the Harbour Bridge with a ring inside a ring box in the front of the photo.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Sydney Australia

I was in shock as I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. As I looked at Daniel he was already down on one knee and asked me the easiest question I have ever answered, “will you marry me?”. I of course said yes!

Then one of my closest friends who’s a talented photographer came running out as she was taking photos the entire proposal. Daniel, then told me his parents are waiting for us to have Dinner at their local restaurant. I wanted to call my parents and family to tell them the good news. However, Daniel suggested we go surprise them after we have dinner with his parents. I agreed so we made our way to the restaurant to meet his parents. Walking into the restaurant I was surprised by my entire family as well as Daniel’s entire family. It was such a breathtaking moment to be able to share this unforgettable day with our families being there! It was the best day of my life.

Special Thanks

Stephanie Vella