Monica and Carlos

How We Met

I met my fiance in miami when I went on vacation with my bestfriend after graduating from my undergrad degree. I actually met his best friend first on south beach and we agreed to all go out about two days before we were leaving miami and he brought his bestfriend who is now my fiance Carlos! Carlos and I clicked and hung out the following day. We exchanged numbers but honestly neither of us thought anything would come of it. We kept in touch by texting and calling everyday. he came to visit me in rhode island/boston a handful of times and I went to visit him a handful of times. We physically seen eachother about 20times before we decided we both wanted to continue graduate school and both moved to Philadelphia to pursue our graduate degrees and explore this new love we had for eachother. We moved in together in philly and both graduated with a masters and doctorate. After graduating and much discussion about our future we decided to move up north to RI where I am from. 

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how they asked

After dating for about 4 1/2 years he decided to propose as we were tagging our first real christmas tree! The ring was placed on the tree that I chose to tag and had a cute “will you marry me” sign with a snowflake! As i continued to walk around the tree to decorate it i noticed the ring and was beyond surprised. I actually thought it was all a joke. I couldnt believe it! He asked me to marry him! And we celebrated with champagne with my family who was there.

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