Monica and Zach

How They Asked

It all started on February 27th, 2019. We were supposed to be going out for my sisters husbands belated birthday. We had reservations for 7 p.m. at Fratellis in Hampstead MD. I didn’t think anything of it even though that this is my absolute favorite restaurant! My sister had called me that morning and asked what I was wearing, as sisters always do, I told her a cardigan with heels. She said ok, I’ll dress up too. As the day went on I noticed my now fiancé was acting a little strange and was whispering to my mom throughout the day, I asked him if everything was alright and he said yes. The drive to Fratellis was when I knew something was up but didn’t put the two together.

Monica and Zach's Engagement in Fratellis restaurant

He was driving extra slow, which he never does lol, and his hands were super clammy. I said to him “Step on the pedal babe you’re driving like a granny” my parents laughed as they were sitting in the backseat of his car. So, as we arrived at Fratellis, my sister and her husband had got us a table. We bring the birthday gifts over, sit down, and ordered cocktails. As the cocktails are being distributed I see mine, a sangria with something big dangling from the side. As soon as our waiter placed it in front of me, Zach, my fiancé gets up and grabs my hand. At that point, I knew what was happening, and the first thing I said was “seriously” lol. My fiancé made his speech and of course I said YES!

I then look over and see his parents standing next to my family. I was in awe because I couldn’t believe he and my mother kept this big surprise from me. So then, the waiter said would you like to move to your other table now? I was like what? We all got up and in a separate room, there was a table that had balloons, flowers, and jewels scattered throughout the table. I was completely shocked, and it was so beautiful! As the night went on I was still so shocked, but so blessed for everyone who helped make my engagement so special!

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