Monica and Trent

how we met

We first met in the small town of Monroeville, AL where I was currently coaching softball and he was coaching baseball at the local community college. He was walking down the hallway with the other baseball coach and we were introduced. I had been there for a year before he was hired. He would always pop his head into my office with a huge smile and ask questions. I joke with him now because he is kind of a charmer; but, he would wink at me while he was talking.

how they asked

The proposal was awesome!! His mom and stepdad live right on the bay and have a beautiful backyard. I have always told him I wanted my family to be there for the moment. Leading up to the engagement his parents were putting in all of these updates for seating and lights. I just thought they were making improvements and did not think anything of it. Well a few weeks later (we live about four hours from his moms) we were headed back in to town and Trent told me were meeting his friends for dinner. Well I HATE traveling in anything not comfortable so the whole way to his moms he kept bugging me to change into my dress for dinner. I was like “why can’t I change at your moms?” he gave me some excuse and I just knew something was up. I started to just stare at him to see if he would crack and he didn’t. He was cool as a cucumber. I started to get excited but was not sure until he pulled straight to the backyard. We got out of the car and the whole desk was lit up with candles and a picture of us. Our families were hiding inside. He dropped to his knee and I said yes!! Then I had to remind him to put my ring on!! It was perfect!!

Special Thanks

Justine & Wayne
 | Photography
Fairhope Yacht Club
 | Venue
Salon Chameleon
 | Hair Stylist
Katie Fuquay
 | Makeup Artist