Monica and Thomas

how we met

Thomas and I met in Corpus, we were both in college and his college/program (Texas State) came down to Corpus for a convention. I was already living in Corpus and was going to college there so we ended up meeting at a bar and exchanged numbers. Thomas and I made endless trips to Corpus and San Marcos to see each other then I made the decision to move closer to him.

I feel like we both knew this was the “real deal” when we would find ourselves laughing so hard on my apartment floor over the most ridiculous stuff. I feel like we really get each others weirdness and we just go with it.

how they asked

Him: We got engaged at the Altstadt brewery in Fredericksburg. We went with a group of friends on a weekend trip and I surprised her.

Her: Thomas and I went to Fredericksburg and met some of our friends at a cabin. The cabin was absolutely amazing and within walking distance of downtown. On Saturday during the day we went downtown and explored the little shops and wineries. Thomas then had plans for all of us to go to a Brewery place called Altstadt . There we all got drinks and went to sit on the patio, the place was huge and had a very pretty court yard with cafe lights and a big water fountain. While we were talking with our friends Thomas told me he was going to go look at the fountain around back. I thought it was weird but continued to talk with our friends. When he came back he wanted me to go with him … while we were walking on the court yard we walked up to the fountain and he pulled out some coins so we could make a wish. Then Thomas was like oh lets take our picture in front of the fountain let me go grab Colton. So he came back and we were taking a few pictures then he told me what he wished for then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was the best moment ever lol.

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