Monica and Rudy

How We Met: The first time I met Rudy was back in January of 2012. Our story didn’t start until a year later. He used to play in a band and I honestly didn’t not find him attractive at all. Lol we became Facebook friends and never talked to each other until towards the end of the year. We talked & hangout for 6 months before we become exclusive. Rudy told me he never had been in a long distance relationship and thought it would be really hard. He still decided to give it a go and we started dating, our whole relationship has been long distance. He lives in Northern California & I live in Southern Oregon, we are 3 and a half hours away. Being able to only seeing each other once or twice a month has been hard, but we are so in love we will never give up on each other. As I started knowing more and more about my boyfriend (fiance) I found out I was his first girlfriend ever. At first I couldn’t believe it, not only was I his first girlfriend, but also his first kiss his first everything. I find that so adorable & feel so lucky! I ese never the girl to date a lot so he’s very lucky too lol. We are planning on getting married on May 26th 2016. I cannot wait to marry the man of my dreams.

p.s I now find him the most handsome man ever.

Image 1 of Monica and Rudy

how they asked: Rudy & I met over 3 years ago…our whole relationship has been long distance. We live 3 and half hours apart. Around our 9 month anniversary we knew we were marrying each other someday. June 30th is our anniversary therefore he came to visit on the weekend of June 13th. Couple days before he arrived he told me he went ahead and booked a photoshoot for our 2 year anniversary in Ashland Oregon. I found it a bit strange for him to plan that, yet I was so excited I never in a million years imagine he was going to propose.

We arrived to Lithia Park in Ashland & once he told me “wait here in the car, I’ll let you know when to come.” My heart dropped. I knew it was happening!

He opened the car door and walked out, the next 30 minutes were the longest 30 minutes of my life. When he called me to give me directions I rushed to find him. After 10 or so minutes of walking he called me and said turn to your left…I started walking down a trail and came across a sign saying, “Will you” then took couple more steps and read “marry” as soon as I looked up there he was holding the last sign that said ME? He was also holding some pink daisies & playing “Marry Me” by Train. I couldn’t stop smiling. He held my hands and looked right into my eyes and said,”You’ve been the girl that I have been waiting for my entire life. You are the woman I want to share my life with, the one I want to grow old with, the one I never want to be apart from at any moment.

Are you ready to spend the rest of your life with me? He then got in one knee and asked will you marry me? I immediately said YES! We hugged and that’s when tears of happiness came. It was seriously one of the happiest days of my life. The man of my dreams asked me to marry him. He’s my world, my everything.

Regardless of this distance that gets so hard sometimes we’ve never thought of giving up on each other & we never will.