Monica and Rob

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How We Met

I started a new job at Avalon Studio City in May 2014 and Rob moved into the apartment complex September 2014. Not until August of 2015 did we start talking when Rob would come into the office more. Or as he like to say, “I didn’t notice him for a year.” He’d come in often for packages and he was pretty quite. I said to him once, “you are too young to look so serious.” I took it upon myself to try to make him crack a smile. My co-worker pointed out that Rob was “a tall drink of water,” and suggested I talk to him. Being naturally outgoing, I did talk to him, but awkwardly told him to follow my friend on snapchat. Luckily, he wasn’t interested in my friend and eventually, we exchanged numbers though instagram. The funny thing is, I had all of his personal information in his account at work; I just didn’t want to look like a stalker.

I asked Rob a few times to go hiking to or to hang out and in true Rob fashion, he said “No thanks.” Our first date consisted of him coming over with a bag of beef jerky and clothes, and talking to me on my couch for an hour. After that, everything was just easy… and the rest is history!

how they asked

I like to plan…everything. So Rob knew he would need to find a away to get me out of the house on a Saturday on his terms. He told me he had to do a shoot for Men’s Warehouse in a month. Since he had worked with them before, I believed him when he said he needed to do a styled shoot for a pair of their shoes. During the month he showed me the clothes he was going to wear, discussed photo options, and we even went to try on shoes at Men’s Warehouse. Before Saturday approached, Rob said to me “You know, I never dress up. Why don’t you dress up too and we will have a date night after the shoot?” Great! I love dressing up and going out!

Rob had told me so far in advance that I didn’t question anything, like how his best friend was the photographer, or that he happened to have a tummy ache, or that we were rushing to get there for sunset pictures! Once we arrived at the Venice Canals, it was so stunning!! I followed along like a third wheel while Rob shot pictures with Blake and I admired the scenery. I did think to myself that this would be the most perfect spot for a proposal, but I didn’t want Rob to piggy back the proposal on a work event. After a little while and the sun was almost setting, Blake said “ok I think we got all the shots, Monica why don’t you go take a picture with Rob and we’ll be done.” Ok! We pose and smile, but I have my hand on Rob’s chest and his heart is beating abnormally fast.

Like holy cow, something-is-about-to-go-down kind of fast! Rob gives me a kiss and I hear him ask “You love me?” I laughed and before I could answer he was down on one knee. I could’t believe it was finally time and I just wanted to take a second in the moment, take it all in. I said yes! Rob stood up and told me there was no photo shoot all along! I was so impressed by his planning; he had even told my parents and they were waiting for the call. It was perfect and I am so glad I have the pictures to relive it.

Image 2 of Monica and Rob

Special Thanks

Blake Anderson
 | Photographer