Monica and Ricco

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How We Met

we met while working together at our local grocery store. We were only friends at this point. I went off to college and we kept in touch on and off for years. My mother loved him and always wanted us to date, but we didn’t like eachother that way (I still wanted the bad boy!). She would tell me every time she saw him. Years later we caught up on Facebook and he invited me to come to his pool for Labor Day. Seeing him again, after so long, I was immediately in love with him. 4 years from the pool day, we will be saying our “I do’s”!

how they asked

On February 24, 2017 I said “YES!!!!!” I have got to tell you how my fiancé proposed!

My grandfather, aunt and uncle were in town from NY. Ricco (my fiancé) had my dad call me on Wednesday night and say that my grandfather felt like he didn’t really get a chance to see me so he’d like to take us to our favorite restaurant, and that they had selected a local place called Rooster’s (where we had our first date, and many others). I was excited, but worried it would be difficult for my grandfather to go there, because it’s a lot of walking and some stairs. I tried and tried to get them to switch where we were going, but he insisted the decision was made and not to confuse it. I agreed, still with some doubt.

Friday I bragged all day at work on how my grandfather wants to take me out and I was stoked!! That evening we get ready and headed that way. As we come down the escalator I see my family sitting at a HUGE long table, I though it was strange but didn’t think too much about it. I said hi to my parents, my aunt, uncle and cousin. I turn and ask where my grandfather was and they said in the bathroom. My dad made a comment about how crazy it was that they put us at such a large table.

As I look up Ricco is sitting at the piano near our table, that I also didn’t think too much about. He starts hitting the keys. I immediately was embarrassed and told him to get up. I was pissed he would do such a thing, being that he has NO CLUE how to play piano. My dad said “ahhh just let him play”, which my dad would never say!

I then heard what he was actually playing. It was out song that we always said we would eventually dance to at our wedding. (John Legend “For the First Time”)

My heart literally dropped to my stomach. I walked over to him and saw some of our friends there. I still wasn’t 100% sure that he was proposing (I know, dumb right?)

He looked at me with pure emotion on his face and said “you gonna make me keep playing or can I ask you already?” I told him he can ask. He got up from the piano, then dropped to one knee and said “Monica Dawn Nayar, will you marry me?” At that point I looked up and saw all of our friends, my sister, and his family, and got distracted.

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He then said, “you better say yes, I told everyone I’d punch you if you don’t.” (Not that he would actually punch me, but this is a phrase we use often in our home to add dramatics!)
My response was “Of course, YESS!!

Then he got up and gave me our first kiss as an engaged couple.

Unfortunately, my grandfather had gotten very sick a few days earlier and without my knowing, was in a local hospital and couldn’t make it. Obviously this was a bit upsetting, but he is doing great now, and is back home!

Later that night I thought “wait! How the heck did he learn to play that??
He told me our friend Virginia had given him about 10 lessons on how to play, I had no clue!!
A few months earlier he had bought a cheap keyboard, I yelled at him about spending money things we don’t need. Little did I know, he was plugging in his headphones at night after I went to bed and practiced repeatedly.

I always told him that when he proposed my first question would be “what did my dad say when you asked?” Since my dad was the one that called me there, I knew we had his blessing. Such a nice added touch.

I cannot believe how much love and planning went into this. He is not a big planner, at all. The night was absolutely perfect and so thoughtful.

I will become Mrs. Baker-Moss 09-01-18, and I cannot wait!!

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Special Thanks

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