He Proposed in the Same Place Her Parents Got Engaged


How We Met

In August of 2012, I was a junior in college. It was move-in day. I was moving all of my belongings into my dorm room. Once I finished I walked down a flight of stairs where I met the Garrett family. Virginia introduced me to her parents and her lovely little sister Monica. Later that day I was helping my little sister move into her dorm room on the top level of her dorm building. To my surprise, Monica lived on the same floor as my sister! I was walking past all of the rooms when I noticed Monica sitting at her desk, but she didn’t see me. I got excited! About two days later, Virginia, Monica’s older sister coordinated a nighttime swim into Lake Michigan on Concordia Wisconsin’s campus with the whole friend group. We all jumped into the bone-chilling water. The group spent some time sitting on our school’s bluff where Monica and I made eye contact here and there. From this point on I became much more interested in Monica Garrett. I wanted to know her more.

On October 6, 2012 our college held the homecoming dance at the Milwaukee Public Museum. I buttoned up my “go to” gray dress shirt and headed for the museum. I was anxious to ask Monica to dance. I had an adrenaline rush all the way from our school to the museum. At around 8 o’clock I saw Monica walk into the museum. I quickly noticed her long, wavy brown hair. She was also wearing a beautiful shiny, red dress. She looked beautiful. Finally, the DJ played a slow song which gave me my opportunity to ask her to dance. My brother Casey also gave me a friendly reminder to ask Monica Garrett to dance. So I did. After that song we walked away and she actually left the dance without saying goodbye! As weeks passed we had fun getting to know each other by going on walks, getting smoothies, eating lunch together, getting ice cream, watching football, and late night conversations. Eventually after skyping Mr. Garrett we made it “official” on January 19, 2013.




how they asked

On July 11, 2015 I slept about forty-five minutes. Why? My heart was beating too fast, the biggest adrenaline rush of all time, and my stomach was flipping inside of me. I couldn’t sleep because I was excited out of my mind to go to California to see Monica and her family. But before I could spend sufficient time with her and her family I was going to be a camp counselor for a teen camp for Jews for Jesus. On that ride I told Monica’s father I was seeking he and Mom’s blessing to marry Monica. We face-timed Mom and we showed her the ring I bought for Monica. They gave me their blessing and I was stoked! Dad and I decided I would propose on July 18 once camp ended.

1A week passed by and we had to drive a twelve-passenger van from Fresno to Los Angeles to drop off campers. However, while we were driving a weather front began passing through southern California. Dad and I were shocked to see this storm in a drought, and especially in the month of July. As we were driving in the rain he asked me if I still wanted to propose. I said, “rain or shine.” We finally arrived in Los Angeles, dropped off the campers, and then discovered a flat tire on the minivan. So dad and I changed a flat tire in the pouring rain. We then had to get cleaned up for dinner. We got all fresh and clean and dad slipped the ring to me to stuff in my sock.

My stomach began flipping on the ride over to dinner. All of us stood at the corner of Ocean Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard looking at the spot where I would ask Monica to marry me. Ocean Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard is the exact spot where Monica’s parents met, where her dad proposed, and where they decided to go on their honeymoon. This is where Monica got her name.  My heart rate increased dramatically at this point. Then I got on one knee and asked Monica to marry me. She said, “of course.” It felt like I was on my knee for about three seconds but everyone else claims it was a while. During all of this, Virginia was a great older sister and captured all of the live photos. Our family then ate dinner all due to my new mom’s awesome planning. She booked a reservation for us at The Lobster on the Santa Monica Pier.
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