Monica and Mike

Monica's Proposal in Manasquan, NJ

How We Met

We met in college, March 2010. I was a freshman and he was a junior who roomed with one of my best friends. Apparently, we were in the same circle of friends for a while and grew up in the same town just never realized it. Later on, in life, we would come to find his cousins were my next door neighbors my whole life! I remember calling him “green shirt kid” at a party at his apartment and the only reason we remember the date we met is because Facebook reminds us each year that “green shirt kid” added me as a friend on March 24, 2010. We had the typical college experience, had our fun, but it wasn’t until we had been through massive life changes that finally in 2013 we really made it official. We never had an anniversary date because it kind of just happened, and that’s what makes it amazing. We moved in together, got our baby girl Bailey in March of 2014, and made a life. We’ve been through the biggest challenges we could have possibly imagined, from our dog Bailey being diagnosed with epilepsy, the family being very ill, to having to move in with his mother after a car accident and money issues. We came up from all of that and started a new life in Nutley at the end of 2017. Life since then has been cloud 9 and I didn’t think it could get any better.

how they asked

We love this beach in Manasquan, NJ that has a whole site dedicated to dogs. Our Bailey girl is our child and we give everything to her and bring her anywhere we can. We had planned earlier in the week we wanted to do a beach trip on Saturday and he suggested we go to target to get a bigger cooler so we can have a long day there. We get home and he starts showing off his haircut and new shirt he wants to wear and the entire time I’m like … we’re going to the beach what does it matter? The morning of I could tell he was stressed, he was fussing with his shirt ( dude we’re going to the beach!) and he started complaining that the cooler wouldn’t close, I suggested he just empty a few of the beers and that we didn’t need that many ( not knowing he had a bottle of champagne hidden in there).

Monica and Mike's Engagement in Manasquan, NJ

We drive down to the beach listening to our favorite Jimmy Buffet songs along the way. We get there and parking was a disaster so we end up having to pay for the beach lot (which was actually a blessing bc we got a souvenir parking stub with unknowingly at the time our first anniversary date;) ) We get onto the beach, have a few drinks, enjoy the water, and then I start to tan. He suggests I go back in the water with Bailey because it’s getting too hot. I end up agreeing and want him to come but he insists on cleaning up. After playing with Bailey in the water I come back up and he’s like “I buried treats in the sand for bailey let’s have her dig them up” I’m like ok! I love playing games like that with our girl. Bailey starts digging finds one treat and then starts eating it. He’s like she has to keep digging-

I’m like it’s fine to let her eat the treat, but he kept insisting on her finding another treat. Well, she found a treat all right … the ring! The entire time I didn’t even realize he had been on his knee! I was at a loss for words and don’t even think I gave a real answer at the moment. But of course, I said “DUH!!” I always wanted our fur child to be apart of the day and I couldn’t be happier with how he included her. Cue the champagne popping and toasts! It was a magical day… he got sunburned … totally worth it.