Monica and Kyle

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How We Met

How we met (Grooms perspective): It all started during my time at WB Mason. The company was growing fast and it was constantly changing which caused some employees to move between branches. During this time, an existing WB Mason employee transferred to my branch. In no time this new co-worker was inquiring about my relationship status where she proceeded to tell me all about this girl Monica who she worked with at her past branch. Next thing I knew, she was showing me a video of Monica that was made with an app which showed Monica being blown up by a missile. It was really funny and I still thought she was beautiful but I never thought much about it. Soon enough, we finally met one another at our company wide inventory. Although I was never an advocate of intercompany relationships, I knew I had to see her again. We kept in touch via email and we were reunited at our end of the year company meeting at Foxwoods. There was no question I was persistent which, I believe, led to us really hitting it off. After that, the rest was history. We went on our first date at Turks in Mattapoisett then spent the rest of our date learning about each other at Ned’s Point; a light house in Mattapoisett, MA. This was truly a story of fate and I couldn’t be more thankful and fortunate to be marrying this amazing woman.

How we met (Brides perspective): Our relationship started over 3 years ago now at a work function we were both apart of!

Anyone who knows Kyle even a little is well aware of his big personality and friendly charm. I heard story after story about this guy and just how great and funny he was so of course I became curious. I looked him up and asked around and thought that he seemed so sweet and great, but when I found out his age I immediately lost interest. Kyle was 26 at the time and I was 29 and looking for a serious relationship so any girl at my age with my goals knows far too well how this story usually plays out.

Luckily the work event is a 3 day affair where we would run into each other often. Kyle was not shy and was actually extremely persistent in me giving him a chance to know him. It was not long before his personality won me over. The first thing I noticed about Kyle was his outgoing attitude. He was friendly to everyone and everyone loved him. He would shake everyone’s hand when introduced to my friends/ coworkers and engaged great conversation that made me feel confident about him. He was the life of the party and an extremely talented dancer. He was and still is the type of person that people love to be around.

The next step of our relationship was meeting our families. This is always a huge part of a growing relationship, but with my family it is even more exceptional. My family is not your typical all American family from Cape Cod like he is used to. I come from an extremely cultured Portuguese family where my parents hardly speak the English language so I was interested to see how he would react to this. I will always remember the way Kyle was so accepting of my family and our differences. He was open-minded the entire time and immediately saw all the wonderful things I love about my family differences and all. Of course, like anyone else it was not long until my family loved Kyle and our relationship become stronger than ever.

Three years later here we are getting married in less than 6 months and I could not be happier to be with such a genuine man. He brings so much joy not just to me, but to anyone who is a part of his life. Like I said, Kyle is the kind of person everyone wants to be around and I cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together! July 2nd 2016 here we come!

how they asked

I asked at the spot of our first date; Ned’s Point: lighthouse in Mattapoisett, MA. The plan was to visit my mother’s new place then take her out to dinner. I told Monica that I wanted to make a stop along the way to look at a house that was for sale. It just so happens that it was right near Ned’s Point. After looking at the house we made our way to the lighthouse for a quick sunset picture. It was there were I got Monica in place and asked her to marry me. Thanks to Meredith Hunter and her talented photography skills and her passion for capturing special moments, Meredith spent the day before the proposal doing a walk through with me. We were determined to capture the perfect proposal spots at all different times of the evening. We had it well thought out to be sure the lighting and moment was unforgettable. After the proposal, I organized a surprise proposal party at Cork in downtown New Bedford where all of Monica’s friends and family met us to celebrate our engagement.

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