Monica and Kristian

How We Met

We met on OK Cupid, a dating website while we were both still in college! Phew, thank goodness I matched with his profile.

How They Asked

First of all, our engagement was so magical it went viral on Instagram.

Second of all, there’s just so much to share about our proposal on 7/4/19 as it was truly the most special day of both of our lives, so thank you for allowing us to share.

My favorite flower is a sunflower and my wonderful fiancé flew me to Italy and proposed to me in the biggest sunflower field in the world in Tuscany, Italy. We were in the midst of our vacation in Europe and we had planned to visit Tuscany as one of our destinations. Unknowingly, this was the place my engagement would happen. As we drove to Tuscany, my fiancé began to drive up a hill to a beautiful castle. Note, this was a surprise as he rented a suite in a castle, rose petals all over the room, continuing to treat me like a queen on the day of our proposal like he does every day.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Tuscany, Italy

Then, he took me outside and we walked hand and hand to a dream-like sunflower field. At the field were also two people taking photos, but at this point, I had no idea that they were sneakily the photographers that would get 200+ photos of our magical moment. Fast forwarding, he proposed and we got our entire moment + post-engagement photoshoot with the two Italian photographers (drone and all). My fiancé knows me so well as I live for a good photo op and this was truly a moment I wanted capturing, forever. And, to top it off, my fiancé.

Monica and Kristian's Engagement in Tuscany, Italy

spoiled me with the most perfect gold ring that he sneakily bought during our most recent trip to Dubai. Anyone who knows us knows we are the most ambitious travel couple and with the ring being from Dubai, one of our favorite cities – the ring truly signifies how much he loves to travel the world with me and how I mean the world to him. On a final note, my fiancé is so thoughtful, selfless and so loving that my heart explodes with all of the things he does and would do for me so again, thank you for allowing us to share!

Monica's Proposal in Tuscany, Italy

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Our social handles are: @monbreezy, @hiiiideaway07, and the photographer’s handle is @francesco.giorni.


Monica Bedi (Soon-to-Be Kalil)

Special Thanks

Francesco Giorni
 | Photographer