Monica and Julius

How We Met

We officially met back in February 2012 in good ole’ Las Vegas. We shared a cab ride back to the hotel and got into conversation about best and worst kissers. Julius made a bold statement, “I bet by the end of the night, I can get a kiss from you.” Monica, thinking about A Walk to Remember, “If you kiss me, you have to promise you won’t fall in love with me.” And well… Fast forward 2 years later. He made it official!

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And the #juiceandmomoadventures began.

how they asked

2015 was our first New Year’s Day together and we decided to start the first day of the year downtown with some coffee at the Coffee Exchange. We happened to pass by the ice skating rink and Monica told Julius she didn’t know how to ice skate so he took her there once we finished our cup of coffee. After all the laughs of me falling, we walked across the street to eat breakfast at King Chefs. 2016, we decided to make it a tradition of Coffee Exchange, Ice Skating and King Chef. This year, 2017, Julius made our New Year’s Day tradition even more special and memorable with the same laughter and tears of joy we always share during the first day of the year trying to ice skate. He took her around the rink twice and on the 3rd round, he took her to the middle and told her to look at Patrick. Confused at seeing Patrick, Monica turned around to ask Julius why his brother was here only to see him down on one knee.

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Special Thanks

Patrick Mendoza