Monica and Joshua

how we met

I would not have met my future husband without my friend Kylee. Josh was her older brother’s roommate from Connecticut and I had a crush on him as soon as we met. His silly personality and sense of humor lit up the room and he was always making me laugh.

One night I was shopping with Kylee and our friend Bailey and I found out Josh was texting Kylee. I started talking to him from her phone which eventually led to him texting me and we talked all night. We started texting all the time and he wanted to take me out to dinner, just us.

We went to a nearby sushi restaurant and after that we started hanging out all the time. He was always texting me to see what I was doing and we would meet up most every night and either go to the gym, watch movies, or just hangout and talk and be together.

Suddenly my crush on the hot older guy was becoming more serious. I was falling for him. Josh made me feel beautiful, loved, safe and important. One night he called me from a company trip he was on and we started to talk more seriously about our relationship and how we both felt the same way for each other. Not much longer after, on March 31st we decided to make it official.

how they asked

6 years later, on March 31, 2017 Josh proposed to me in front of my family while we were celebrating my birthday. There was a small box in the bottom of one of my last presents from him. As I was opening it, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

I said, “Yes! Of course!”

I feel so lucky to be with Josh. He makes me a better me. I am so blessed to have found someone like him to spend my life with and I am so excited for this next chapter in our lives.

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