Monica and Gustavo

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Puerto Rico

How We Met

We met the first day of Law School, we had friends in common, so we decided to meet before class! I was the only girl within the group of friends. I immediately noticed his sense of humor. After the first two weeks, there is always a party. He offered to give me a ride to the party and back home. I literally could not stop laughing the entire time. On our way back home, I kissed him! He always says he made the first move, it is not true! Best decision I made, we’ve been inseparable ever since!

how they asked

I am obsessed with Christmas time. Almost every year we take pictures with Santa. A lot had happened, so we had postponed the picture for two years in a row now. My sister-in-law scheduled the photo session with her Dad, a very renowned photographer here in the island! We were all going dressed as elves! As my boyfriend and I are posing for a pic, Santa picks up a gift box and gives it to us so we can incorporate it in the picture! Little did I know that inside the box was another box!

Where to Propose in Puerto Rico

Gus, the love of my life, got down on one knee, with our whole family watching (yes, they were hiding behind Santa’s sleigh), and asked me to marry him! In all honesty I don’t even remember saying yes, in between the tears, the excitement and my ring! Oh my ring!!!!!

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