Monica and Emanual

Wedding Proposal Ideas in New York City

How We Met

As corny as it is we meant on Tinder, I was going to school in New York and he was a police officer in Delaware. The first time we met in person he was also meeting my parents. As nervous as he was he did everything right, flowers for my mother and I and a firm handshake for my father. Both my parents loved him immediately! This was a rare thing coming from my family. At the age of 22, I was in shock to find out that I would be his first girlfriend. The distance was tough for a new relationship, but we made it work.

One year into dating we still had not exchanged the words “I love you”. So I took the initiative, it was my birthday and we went to the Statue of Liberty. Afterward, we stopped in a coffee shop, not just any coffee shop but one that had a Ripple’s machine. So art or words can be printed onto the coffee. I told him to grab a seat and I would get the coffee.

I presented him with the cappuccino with the words “I Love you” printed in it! Unfortunately, I did not get the reaction I was expecting. He had never told anyone he loved them, and catching him so off guard was a bit much for him. So he responded, “thank you”… Despite the let down we continued dating and a couple of months later he was ready to tell me that he also loved me.

How They Asked

Three years down the road he knew he wanted to marry me. And he couldn’t have developed a more sentimental way to ask! December 11, 2018, he got tickets to the crown of the Statue of Liberty and a private tour on Ellis Island. The morning of he insisted we go to a coffee shop in the complete opposite direction upon the fifth avenue. As we walked into the cafe he pulled out a chair and told me he would get us the coffee.

Where to Propose in New York City

He walked over with two cappuccinos and placed one down in front of me, and I couldn’t believe what I saw. “Will you marry me”. I didn’t believe it until I looked up and saw him on one knee! A small wooden box with a beautiful ring inside. The moment took my breath away and I wanted it to last forever. Both emotional over our joy he asked me out loud “Well will you marry me?”. Luckily for him, I did not respond “thank you” but instead YES!!!

Proposal Ideas New York City

He truly redeemed himself! He even hired a photographer to photograph the moment. She came to the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the Brooklyn bridge and captured the entire day together.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in New York City

Our engagement was so special and I can’t wait to marry the man of my dreams! I found my true love on Tinder, and now I’m feeling like Tinderella!

Special Thanks

Kait Weichmann
 | Photographer