Monica and Dominic

How We Met

I have been living in Scottsdale Arizona for about 2.5 years with no luck in the dating world. I’ve met guys at clubs, I’ve tried all the dating apps but all to no prevail. Until I signed back up on the dating app Hinge. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t optimistic about it. I’ve been here before and it’s always lead me nowhere, until November 2018.

Sitting in bed, Dominic’s profile came up. My first thought “ wow what a beautiful smile and he looks normal!!” SCORE. So I hearted one of his pictures and moved on.

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A few hours later I got a notification. He had commented on one of my written answers about my family. What?! He didn’t like a picture? Or comment about some physical feature?! But he commented on how great it was to be 1 of 8 kids?! Okay, now he’s got my attention.

We exchanged texts for a few days and got to know each other. I was sitting on the couch one night, it was pretty late like 7:30 pm. And I mentioned how I was hungry and could really go for sushi (worked like a charm) and within the hour he was at my door.

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He was an absolute gentleman. Opened my doors, was respectful and kind. He talked non stop at dinner (still does to this day) and I ate both my plate and his ? The night was good, but for me, it wasn’t an instant connection. I thought he was nice but I probably wouldn’t see him again. So he dropped me off, I hugged him goodbye and left it at that.

Little did I know that Dominic had texted one of his friends that he had just met his future wife. He said he knew the second he met me. And he was so right.

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Dominic had messaged me a few days after but I wasn’t very responsive. Actually, I ignored him for about 2 weeks! I just remembered not having that spark, even though he was the kindest soul I had ever met and didn’t have the heart to tell him.

But something kept pulling me back to him. So I messaged him and thought “ well maybe we can be friends, I could use a good guy friend.” And we made plans to meet up later that week.

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I drove to his apartment and he suggested dinner but I had to pick.

“TACO BELL!” I shouted. And his eyes lit up. We had the same guilty pleasure of tacos and quesadillas. So we loaded up on fine dining tacos and headed back to his apartment where we opened a bottle of his family’s wine. (Dominic’s family owns vineyards in Northern California) And something clicked. I looked over at him and remember thinking “How does this feel so right? I don’t even know him.” And we’ve been inseparable ever since.

Dominic had only been living in Scottsdale for 1 day when we matched on Hinge. It was like it was meant to be, it just took me a minute to realize it.

Monica and Dominic's Engagement in Apache junction, Arizona

How They Asked

I work for the Arizona Cardinals and get to eke with some pretty amazingly talented individuals. Maya James being one of them. She does styled shoots with couples often and had asked Dominic and me if we wanted to shoot with her.

ABSOLUTELY! With no hesitation, I said yes. Play dress up and take pictures? I’m in. This had been an occurrence a handful of times. Dominic and I get dolled up and Maya works her magic.

Well, this time was no different. Except I didn’t know there were 3 other failed proposal attempts and 4 times he had to get the ring redone.

Maya had texted me late Saturday night saying one of her couples canceled last minute and asked if Dominic and I could step in. So we planned for Sunday at 5 pm news Superstition Mountains. Well, we’re driving to the site and the sky is pitch black.

I just remember thinking “this isn’t going to work out.” And it torrential down poured, I mean we couldn’t see a foot ahead of us. There was lightning every and we were just laughing. Of course, the one time we had something planned it decides to through us for a loop. So I get a call from Maya and she’s about to call off the whole thing (little did I know she was just trying to through me off) until I tell her we’re already at the site.

The sky clears and we hike this little trail near the Superstition Mountains. The air was cool from the rain but I could feel Dominic was tense. Odd I thought, he’s usually so relaxed. We started taking pictures and warming up not thinking twice about it. Dominic comes up behind me and turns me around, I could feel his nerves.

He said all the beautiful things which are a lil a blur because I’m pretty sure I blacked out.

I cried, like a baby. He was the man of my dreams who for the first two weeks I completely ignored. And here he is on one knee pouring his heart out. Thank god he didn’t give up on me.

His socks have my face and sushi rolls on them ? I got them for him for Valentine’s Day, it makes me love these pictures even more.

On the drive home, we had this crazy beautiful sunset and then a rainbow off to the right. It was the perfect ending to a fairytale. I couldn’t have planned it better. Life is crazy and it all seems to somehow work out.

Special Thanks

Maya James
 | Photographer