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In September 2015, Devin planned a weekend trip to Carmel, one of our favorite spots. He told me we had “reservations” for lunch at 1:00pm at a new restaurant. He had been very secretive all week as to which restaurant we were going to, and every time I would ask, he would say he didn’t remember the name of the restaurant. As we drove into Carmel, I was curious to where this restaurant was because we had entered through the park gates to Pebble Beach.

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Once driving further down the roads, we began passing beaches. He stopped and parked at a beach, and said “there’s our reservation”.

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Looking at the beach I could see two chairs, a picnic blanket, bucket of champagne & basket.

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As we walked closer to the beach, I noticed rose petals placed on the sand in the shape of a heart with our initials, D + M”, written in the middle.

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I told him it was beautiful and I couldn’t believe he set up such a romantic lunch for us.

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He turned and picked up a glass bottle with a note inside and told me to read it. Inside the bottle, he wrote a sweet note saying how he has loved me all these years and wouldn’t imagine himself with anyone else. He then got down on one knee and said “this isn’t the only reason I brought you here today, will you make me the happiest man alive, will you marry me??

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And of course I said “YES!”

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A photographer then walked down and said he captured the entire proposal for us, and we went upon our weekend in newly engaged bliss.

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