Monica and Cody

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How We Met

I guess you can say we MET each other walking through the halls of Middle School in 2001 but it wasn’t until November of 2011, ten years later, that we connected through none other than…Facebook! Laugh it off, we do too! I remember our first face to face like it was yesterday. There was just SOMETHING about him! His brown eyes, his cute little freckled face, his tall stature. I fell right on my Georgia Peach for that man. He was just that special someone, that I strongly believe was placed on this earth FOR ME, I just wish I could have found him sooner.

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The honeymoon stage was great while it lasted and then in June of 2013 we welcomed our first child. A beautiful, Baby Boy. Then in July of 2014 we welcomed yet ANOTHER Baby Boy! Yup!

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Called my Gynaecologist REAL QUICK after that one! With contraceptive and my amazingly beautiful family, Including my Fiancés son from a previous domestic partnership, I was the luckiest girl in the world!

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how they asked

We decided to plan a Mommy and Daddy vacation, just the two of us! So in June of 2016 we boarded our flight, flew into Miami, Florida and then the following day, set sail on a 7 day cruise to the Eastern Caribbean! From the Bahamas to the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and last but not least…Grand Turk and Caicos Islands! The night before we arrived, I had arranged for a private photo session on the beach so that we would have something memorable to look back on. So we had breakfast that morning as usual and then changed into our swimwear to hit the BEAUTIFUL island. After a couple hours, it was almost that time to meet up with our photographer Caesar but Cody (my fiancé) insisted that we head back to our room EVEN THOUGH there was absolutely NO reason to…or so I THOUGHT! So I touched up my eye makeup a bit and then began to panic at the fact that we were running late for our appointment.

I didn’t know then, but it all makes sense NOW. He said to me in a jokingly way (he loves to joke) “Just relax babe, we’re gonna get there, take these pics and remember this moment for the rest of our lives”…Playing it back in my head now brings tears to my eyes because I didn’t see this coming at all! So we met with Caesar and started shooting away on a path leading down to the beach. I can still SEE his big cheesy smile, HEAR the chuckles and FEEL the PURE LOVE felt throughout that photo shoot. We finally moved down to the beach. The sun was shining, the waves were crashing, it was just so peaceful and beautiful. After a few shots while standing on a rock near the water, Caesar asked that I stare out into the ocean and after what pretty much seemed like forever, I heard him say “Ok Cody”. My thoughts?

He was returning to the rock to continue the shoot BUT then after I was told to turn around I realized my life was about to change in the most amazing way possible. There he was…down on one knee…ring box in hand.

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I was in such shock that I’m almost certain I chuckled for a good couple of seconds before busting into tears. He made his speech, confessed his undying love and popped the question! Of course I SAID YESSSSS , and after a few more shots the three of us made our way to Margaritaville for a drink to celebrate before boarding our ship to head home. I couldn’t believe how perfect everything came together. One of the greatest moments of my LIFE and with the amazing work and help of Caesar, We will be able to cherish that day FOREVER!

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Special Thanks

Caesar Adityagamma
 | Photographer