Monica and Cody

Image 1 of Monica and Cody

How We Met

Cody and I met while we working at a restaurant together. I was excited to be settling into my career as a Pastry Chef and he was working as a maitre d to get through college. It wasn’t love at first sight. We were such opposites it was almost more curiosity that brought us together. But once we started hanging out and a friendship developed, Sparks fell! And before we knew it, everything fell into place and it began to be pretty clear that we were soul mates.

how they asked

Before leaving for the beach, Cody gave me a piece of paper with a clue stating that there was a surprise in my room and I had until the end of the day to find it. I couldn’t find it and I was rather upset to leave without solving the mystery. However, when we arrived at our destination I found another clue stating that they surprise was mobile and was now with us. This hunt continued with Cody giving me a new clue every day. When Cody and I were finishing our meal at a fine dining restaurant and I caught Cody stealing the cloth napkin, I knew something was up. He blindfolded me and led me to the beach.

Image 2 of Monica and Cody

He asked if I knew what the surprise was and I listed off all my guesses. He placed a necklace around my neck and I was confused because it was the necklace I wore every day. On the necklace was a key “to his heart” that Cody gave me 5 months earlier. When he removed the blindfold and turned me around I saw he had carefully placed rose petals and a box on a sheet. He leads me over and gave his sweet speech and shared that the key could be used to open the box. With tears in my eyes, I opened the box and Cody asked if I would marry him and I said yes!

Image 3 of Monica and Cody