Monica and Cody

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How We Met

Cody and I went to the same high school from the same hometown together. We always knew of eachother but we weren’t friends or even talked to each other until his senior year (he’s a year older than me). We hung out In groups of friends here and there and we saw each other at a graduation party for our friend and that’s when we exchanged numbers. We talked a lot throughout that summer and then throughout his first year off college and my senior year but nothing ever really stuck for some reason. It wasn’t until us meeting again the following summer of 2015 at another graduation party. We hung out all night and continued talking the next day. Talking turned into casual hangouts and then he asked me to be his girlfriend. He went back up to college, which is 7 hours away from our hometown, I went to a community college near home. We decided we wanted to move in with each other and I found a major that I was passionate about at the university he attended. So in the spring of 2016, just shy of 1 year being together, we moved to the upper peninsula of Michigan together and went to school. A year after that we adopted a dog together. He graduated in 2020 (oof) and currently, October of 2020 I have 1 and a half semesters left until I graduate. A lot of our relationship has been long distance, as he’s in Green Bay now working, but we make it work and we love each other too much to not have it work :)

How They Asked

We had talked about marriage often, we definitely knew we’d be together, but we agreed we wanted to wait until we were both graduated before we get engaged. So it was kind of surprising that he did ask while I was still in college. He asked my father while we were home during quarantine while they were working on tractors together. Cody’s original plan was to ask me at an apple orchard we had planned on going to when I was going to visit him for my birthday. He wanted a photographer there too to capture the moment, but his job requires him to travel 75% of the year so at the last minute, he was asked to go to Mesa, Arizona for about a month and a half for work. I was sad because who wants to be alone on their birthday, and I really wanted to go to the apple orchard. But since Cody knows how much I love all things desert, he got me plane tickets to go out to Arizona for a week! We 100% knew we wanted to go see the Grand Canyon first thing so we went on Sunday. I laugh now because I remember mentioning to him that I was going to wear this shirt that had botanical drawings of plants on it, like poison ivy and giant hog weed, with the words ‘Obnoxious Plants’ on it. And Cody said ‘why don’t you wear something nice in case we take pictures?’ And I was like ‘we literally never take pictures together but ok’ so I wore a pink shirt instead. Classy I know. So we drove up on a Sunday, the only day he has off of work. We stopped at a few places to see the canyon and for me to take pictures.

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Then we got to this one overlook spot and Cody said ‘let’s hike to that rock jutting out’ and so he stayed behind me as we walked on a small little path, me taking 1000 photos of trees like I always do. We finally reach the rock and I’m standing close to the ledge taking photos and I turn around once and Cody was just kind of standing there. So I turn back around and take more photos and then I’m kind of annoyed because he’s being really quiet and isn’t talking to me when I say things about the canyon. So I turn around, and he’s on his knee and we both just start crying. We’re both scilent for 2 or 3 minutes and then I walk up to him and put the ring on. He technically didn’t ask anything, and I didn’t say yes haha but we know it’s official. We took a few photos with my camera and then just continued on exploring the Grand Canyon.

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I’ve had a lot of people confused and ask if we were just engaged or if we got married because of the double rings but the ring is a family heirloom so I’m not sure if it came like that from being passed down and being so old or what but we are only engaged for more :)

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