Monica and Caleb

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How We Met: Caleb and I met my senior year of high school. He had just graduated college (he’s 22 and I’m 19). Before my senior year, I had never talked to him. I really didn’t even know him, however I always said that I would marry him someday. My friend was really close with his family and when she found out I liked him, she texted his cousin. I was freaking out!

The next day Caleb texted me, and we’ve been talking ever since. We went to a new years party together and that was the first time we had ever talked to each other in person. Normally I’m really nervous and uptight when it comes to guys, but with Caleb I wasn’t afraid to have a real conversation. Our first real date was almost two weeks after the party. When he dropped me off later that night, he asked if I’d go “steady” with him (at the time i was writing a paper on courtship). I feel like I didn’t even think about it, I automatically said yes! We’ve been happy ever since!

Image 3 of Monica and Calebhow they asked: Caleb and I started talking about marriage when we hit our 5 months mark. We knew we wanted to be married, and soon! On February 22, 2014 he asked me! It was a warm Saturday afternoon, and the day was perfect. I had heels on and he told me I should change shoes, so I knew something was going to happen. Caleb told me we were going to Summersville for the day. Summersville is known for a gorgeous lake, so i figured we would go there. We started driving down the interstate when he got a phone call. His cousin had gotten his truck stuck, or so I thought. On our way to Summersville, we stopped by his cousin’s house to help him. I was thinking, “great, now he’s going to get all muddy.” I wanted to stay in the car, but Caleb insisted i come with him and change my shoes. There is a breathtaking view from the mountain his family lives on. We walked out to the three crosses on his family’s property. Caleb was talking to his cousin and I figured they would try to get his truck unstuck. Before i knew it, Caleb took my hand and led me in front of the crosses and got down on one knee! I was so excited and blessed! He held out the ring and I said yes! We couldn’t be happier! Caleb did a great job surprising me, and we didn’t have to get muddy! It turned out to be a great day!

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