Monica and Benjamin

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How We Met

Benjamin and I have known each other since we were 13. Because it has been so long we cannot remember the exact moment we met, but our first memories together are at a week long church camp called Harvey Cedars. I knew him before the camp because my best friend Ali “dated” him when they were in 7th grade. Ali, Benj, myself, and a few of our other friends always had a blast at church camp and we always ended up seeing each other randomly throughout the school year at different social events. As high school rolled around Benj and I would spend more time together,but I always had a boyfriend and he always had a girlfriend-we just never could make it match up. We dated for a brief period in college, but Benjamin was living in Nashville attending Belmont University and I was at Penn State University in State College, PA so the distance and the different lifestyles tour us apart. Eventually our paths crossed again when I decided to drag my friend with me to one of his back wood country concerts. We did long distance for about a year (14 hours apart) and we would travel crazy hours and distances just to see each other for 10 hours. Once I graduated from Penn State in May 2015 I moved to Nashville and live with two girls only a short 15 minutes from Benjamin! I have been living here for 7 months now. He is a signed recording artist with Sony Music Nashville and a songwriter for Universal Music Publishing Group. His dreams can only be accomplished in Music City so Music City is where we will stay!:)

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how they asked

It was a Thursday afternoon and Benjamin called me at work to tell me his car battery died and he really needed to go to his accountant to sign some papers. I left work to pick him up and drive him to where he needed to be.

We had made a plan earlier in the week that I would be attending a work event that night and he would make dinner and when I was done at my event I would come over to his place.

Once we were done at his accountant I had a few minutes to kill before I had to leave for my work event. Benj suggested I just come up to his apartment to relax until I had to leave. When I was standing there talking he started to challenge me and tell me “you are not going to the event. You aren’t going to go are you?” I thought he was just being funny and insinuating he didn’t want me to go so we could have dinner earlier in the evening. I responded with a “I am going, bet me” kind of attitude. He kept telling me I was not going and finally I said yes I am. He approached me with a piece of paper and said “No you’re not, you are going to Florida.” I thought he was lying and kept saying that he was being stupid, that the boarding pass didn’t even have a final destination (it did I just didn’t see it!) . After a little convincing I finally realized he was being serious and we were booked for a flight to leave in 3 hours from Nashville to Clearwater Beach, Florida. I Jumped! I Screamed! I called my family-I was completely ecstatic! Benjamin and I have talked numerous times about packing our bags, heading to the airport, and just picking a flight to get on and go. I had NO idea he had been planning this trip, I was completely blown away with happiness, and I had ZERO idea what was to come.

While we were at the airport my friend texted me asking if I was going to Florida because she saw my Snapchat. I freaked out and told her the whole story. When she responded she said “HE IS GOING TO PROPOSE!!” That was the first time I thought about it and I showed Benj the text and said she is funny! Even after that text I did not think or expect that he was going to. I honestly thought it was going to just be a fun weekend trip to a cute beach town I had never been to.

Once we arrived at the Tampa, Florida airport I was still gleaming with excitement and could not believe what has happened in a matter of 3 hours. We took a 30 minutes car ride to Clearwater Beach and arrived at our BEAUTIFUL resort. We got unpacked and decided to go explore the area. By this time it was around midnight or 1am. We tried to get drinks at the tiki bar on the beach, but they were getting ready to close so I said why don’t we head down to the beach and check it out. It was a small private beach with clear water, beautiful white sand, and big jetties. We were just standing there hand in hand taking in the beautiful view. We were hugging and I gave the nudge insinuating we keep going and keep exploring. Benj kept holding me back and that is when he got down on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him. I kept saying “You’re kidding! You’re kidding! You really want ME to be your wife?!?” He said “well is it a yes?” and I said “of course it is! Put the ring on already!” I could not stop crying and smiling and asking how! I honestly could not believe it at all!! We got drinks at the bar on the other side of the resort and stayed up talking about all of the details of how he planned it, who knew, everything for the next 4 hours. I slept maybe 1.5 hours that night and got up early to call all of my friends and family! We spent the next 3 days in a fairytale. We told all of our friends and family, explored the most adorable beach town, and just enjoyed one of the most exciting trips of both of our lives.

I was completely blown away that he surprised me with boarding tickets to an adorable beach town (because I absolutely LOVE the beach!), but when he got down on one knee I could not believe it. It was the most romantic day/weekend of my entire life. I love Benjamin more and more every single day.

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