Monica and Andrew

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How We Met

Andrew and I met at Sandra Day O’Connor high school back in 2011 when we were both seniors. It was during our Advanced Placement exam room that we both forgot to sign in and were called up to the front. I made a really lame joke and he laughed… after that, I spent the rest of the exam looking up at him wondering how I could get his attention! According to him… he was trying to playing it cool and was resisting looking back. He found me later that day in school and no more than a week went by that we became “official” the chemistry was amazing. We just clicked. No need to wait, he’s been my best friend and love of my life since that day – 7 years later!

how they asked

My sisters birthday is on Valentine’s Day which means we usually spend the evening with her and my family. Andrew suggested we have a belated Valentine’s Day dinner together that Friday and I agreed. I woke up with the worst food poisoning that Friday morning and hoped that it would go away by dinner! It did not. I decided to push through and go, Andrew looked so excited. We go to a nice dinner at Piatti’s at the Elian Resort but mind you I was grouchy from the food poisoning… after a drink, I was able to ease up (alcohol masked the pain) and enjoyed the rest of the night. After dinner, Andrew suggested we walked around to get some dessert, reluctant I said yes and we come across this gazebo decorated with lights, rose petals, champagne, cheesecake and romantic music!

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I still assumed this was to make up for Valentine’s Day so I suspected nothing! After eating a bit of our dessert he asked me “did I surprise you” and I said “yes you did! I always figure out your surprises but this time, wow I applaud you it’s amazing!” He followed it with “ I bet I could surprise you more” got up from his chair right next to me to get on one knee and asked me IN SPANISH (I’m from Mexico) if I would marry him. I was in such shock I truly believed I was dreaming or that it wasn’t real… I’m glad it was.

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