Monica and Adam

How We Met

The first time I noticed Adam was actually at church about a year and a half ago. I’ve been to the same church since I was little. Everybody knows everybody. The minute I saw him, I knew he wasn’t from around town. At the time I had actually moved to Atlanta which is about an hour away from our church. I literally would pass multiple other Catholic churches on my way but would go out of my way just to be able to attend at my home church with my family. Every now and then during church, Adam and I would catch a glimpse of each other and just smile since he only sat with his family a few pews away. At one point I even pointed him out to my family, knowing nothing about him, but kiddingly claimed he was going to be my future husband.

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MONTHS later, I was running late to church and noticed he was already at church. Walking down from the parking lot, thought to myself, why don’t I just stick a sticky note with my number on his window? He’ll have to know who it’s from. Since I was already running late, said I would after church. Once we were out, I noticed his car was gone and thought well guess it’s not meant to be. That day was my moms birthday so we stood outside church talking about her birthday plans for about twenty minutes. Finally having decided what we were going to do for lunch, I started to walk up to my car. Once I was approaching my car, to my surprise, I noticed his car was parked across from mine. I literally melted. My heart started to race so fast. I had no idea of what to even think or say. Once I got closer to the car, Adam stepped out of his car and started to walk towards me. I was even more nervous now. He came up, told me he had to ask for a name to put to this beautiful face he would always see at church. After conversing and exchanging numbers, we talked about going on a date. That date came pretty quick. The following Wednesday, he came to Atlanta and took me to dinner. From that moment I knew he was something else, and was so excited for what was to come.

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How They Asked

We had been dating for about 9 months, and we’ve known we’ve wanted to spend the rest of our lives together since the beginning. We had talked about engagement and wedding plans before. We even sat down one night and looked at rings together. But I NEVER imagined he would buy a ring so quickly after. I had also always mentioned I wanted River West Photography to capture that special moment. Adam was there for me during one of the hardest times in my life. I broke my leg back in November so he made it very clear he wasn’t going to propose while I was still on crutches. I was totally ok with that. But Adam, being the support that he was during that time, reassured me he was who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. A few weeks ago, we were going to attend the Infinity Mirrors Exhibition and I said how cool would it be if someone proposed in one of these rooms?!

Little did I know, that was going to happen very soon. I loved the exhibition so much I wanted to go back again since it was about to leave Atlanta. We planned to go back two weeks later and took my friend Nancy with us. Adam had started to be a little weird a few days before and thought to myself he was going to ask on Valentine’s Day but was still not off crutches completely so just took the thought out of my head. The day came, and we met Nancy at the museum. Once we were there a whole plan I had no idea about started to go down. Adam has been talking to the museum for days and River West was even there in disguise. I had interned with her a few years ago so know who she is. She dyed her hair purple and was in complete disguise. I actually saw her before and didn’t even realize it was her. We got ready to walk into the first room.

I walked in first with Adam and Nancy behind me. In the end, Nancy and River switched places. When we were inside I started to hear the camera click and I knew what was happening. I covered my face with my hands and started to cry because I could not believe it was happening. It was such a beautiful moment. Only 30 seconds, because that’s how long the exhibition allows you to be in each room but it was perfect. I wouldn’t have had our proposal any other way. We finished off the day by walking around and having a few more pictures taken. He let me know the day before, he went to my parents and asked for the blessing and my hand in marriage. He literally hit everything I wanted. The whole proposal made me fall in love with him even more.

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