Monette and Mario

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How We Met

The first time I met Monette was in the kitchen at Family Worship & Praise Center, Located in Tallahassee, FL. We joined the church around the same time and joined the Food Ministry together. From the day we joined, we started an amazing friendship.

Fast forward a couple years, the friendship grew to be one of those relationships that anyone that came around knew that there were feelings between me and her. I made the first move and called her on the phone and told her that I liked her and that I was interested in pursuing a relationship. She is a very shy person, so during that conversation, she said nothing! After I spilled my heart, she said nothing again! The phone call was over. Days later, we saw each other in passing and it was very awkward.

Two weeks later, our church went on a mission trip to her homeland of Haiti. While in Haiti, she was acting awkward and hard to get (she knew she liked me). We were walking down a huge mountain and the group got broken up into smaller groups. Just so happen that the Good Lord made it to where it was me, one of her friends and her that was in that group. That was my opportunity!!! I quickly gave the friend the ahead signal, so she can start walking a little faster. I started talking to her one on one, she was, of course, short with me. I asked her out on a date for when we go back to America and she said yes. Game on, I’m in there!

When I asked her on the date, I told her that we can go to Sonic, she was cool with that. Of course, I wasn’t going to take her to Sonic, I thought she knew that. The date was set up for a Sunday evening. I went home, got fresh, went to go pick her up. She was dressed to go to Sonic. I told her we weren’t going to Sonic but she didn’t have time to change due to our dinner reservation already being set. I took her to Shula’s Steakhouse, she started telling me that I should have told her that we were going there. She had a legit case, but we here now sugar!

After we walked in, the host brought us to our table that already was lit with candles and flowers. If this was my chance at winning her, I wanted to go all out. It was definitely extra for a first date. It was definitely worth it, she has been in love ever since.

how they asked

I proposed on December 31, 2017. It was on our watch night service at our church. I spoke with my Pastor and he gave me the approval to propose after service and that would be right before the new year hit.

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The proposal started with me and my friends making a music video. We acted out the song “I gotta be” by Jagged Edge. We recorded it a month before and then the plan was to let it start playing on the TV screens after service, and then proposing when the video was over. The plan worked for perfection, I went into the back right before the video started playing and then I came out towards the end. She had no idea what was going on. It was beautiful! After saying yes to God, it has been the best decision I have ever made.

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