Moneka and Andrew

Image 1 of Moneka and Andrew

How We Met

Andrew and I met almost two years ago online – yep – we’re one of those people! He messaged me the first time and we started chatting. But, when he finally asked me out, I left him in the dark. I thought here’s this super cute younger guy – no way he is serious about dating. So, I never responded. About four or five days went by and I noticed he messaged me again! I liked his persistence and decided to meet him for our first date. I still wasn’t convinced he was serious about dating, so I didn’t even give him my number, we just set up a time, place and date to meet. When I got to the bar, I couldn’t find him at first but then he got up to greet me and I thought OMG, he’s hot!! We sat down and talked for what turned about to be the most life changing three hours of my life! Just as I was about to finally give him my number, his phone died. So I grabbed a pen from the bar and wrote my number on his hand. As soon as I got home from the date, a text from him was waiting! From there we were inseparable – even going to Las Vegas only three months after meeting. :) The photo attached is our very first photo together. It’s from a charity event where he actually bid on that aforementioned trip to Las Vegas and won!

how they asked

After two years together, it was no surprise to Andrew that I was ready to turn our relationship into forever. We recently jet-set off to Paris and Barcelona. And of course, as any romantic, I was dreaming of a proposal under the Eiffel Tower. Little did I know he had something even more spectacular planned up his sleeve. We had one last trip to Iceland in the works, but I was convinced he wasn’t going to propose since it didn’t happen on the other two. We had talked about in the weeks leading up to our trip and he convincingly told me that he hadn’t started designing the ring even though we went ring shopping in November! The day of our Iceland trip finally arrived and I was so excited.

We had a lot of adventurous activities planned, including a 17-hour tour taking us along Iceland’s southeast coast! It was the day before Valentine’s Day and our tour started at 7 am. About half way through the tour we stopped at Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon aka Europe’s largest glacier. I remember finding this lagoon on Instagram and couldn’t believe we were finally there! It never occurred to me that it would be the perfect place to propose. More on that to come. We got off the bus, and I was just in awe of my surroundings. It’s by far the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. As we walked to the shore, Andrew told me to find a good spot for a photo. What I didn’t realize was, that behind me he was telling a couple that he was about to propose and asked if they were willing to capture it.

Image 2 of Moneka and Andrew

One of them took photos, while the other recorded the most magical moment of my life on Andrew’s phone. Andrew approached me and I had my arm out to take a normal photo but then he grabbed my hand and I didn’t understand why because I told him there’s people waiting to take our photo. But then, he started saying the most sweet words and got down on one knee and I realized my life was about to change.

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Now, remember when I said there was more to come? Well, the glacier lagoon also has a nickname – Diamond Beach. The lava ash from all of Iceland’s volcanic activity mix with the sand and create black sand beaches. And, the chunks of ice or icebergs are formed because global warming is melting the glacier and breaking it off into pieces. The contrast of these broken glacier pieces and the black sand make the ice crystals look like diamonds! Andrew asked me to marry him surrounded by thousands of these “diamonds” and the whole beach clapping. We’ve been on a lot of adventures together, but I have a feeling our biggest adventure is just about to start!

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