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From small weekend trips to Santa Barbara and Las Vegas to visiting beautiful London and Paris last summer, we really love traveling together. So, Spencer had known for a long time he wanted to propose on one of our trips because it would be really meaningful to us and for our relationship.

This summer, we planned a trip to the East Coast, starting in Washington D.C., meeting with friends in Philadelphia, and finishing in New York City before heading back to Los Angeles.

Our last day in D.C., Spencer suggested we end our Washington trip on a high note and see the beautiful Tidal Basin and Jefferson Memorial before we drove up to Philly.

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He handed me our camera so that I could take a picture across the Tidal Basin. With my view completely blocked by the camera’s viewfinder, I didn’t know Spencer had gotten down on one knee.

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So when I removed the camera from my eye to show him the picture I had just taken and found him kneeling beside me, I was beyond surprised and ecstatic.

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Neither of us really remembers much detail from Spencer’s heartfelt speech (though I’m sure it was lovely), but we both have a vague recollection of me saying “of course!” (in an almost “duh!” fashion) to the question. Being so happy and so surprised, the entire moment felt surreal.

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We called my parents to tell them the amazing news, especially as they were expecting this call because Spencer had told them what he was planning to do a couple of weeks prior to the trip.

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They were so excited for us and couldn’t wait to celebrate with us and Spencer’s family when we returned to the West Coast.

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Soon after, two of my best friends (who I had been expecting to see in Philly a few hours later) showed up to join us! I could not have been more surprised, happy, and thankful that Spencer had thought to include them in this really special moment.

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Finally, having always known how much I wanted pictures of one of the happiest moments of our lives, Spencer had hired a photographer to capture the proposal, and our secret photographer revealed himself from his amazing hiding spot (thanks Kenneth!!), and we grabbed some more beautiful photos before heading off to lunch and a weekend of celebrations with friends.

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Knowing Spencer, the only thing that didn’t surprise me was how thoughtful and wonderful the proposal was. We had known for a very long time that we wanted to get married to each other – about four years ago, when we were only one week into dating each other, we had discussed how we knew this was “it” for both of us. It was an unmistakable feeling and one we both didn’t think we’d know so certainly, especially so early on in a relationship.

It was also really important to Spencer that the proposal be a complete surprise, so for all I knew, it could have happened one month or ten years into us dating, and it definitely made it so that it would be a surprise whenever it happened. The way it happened could not have been more perfect, and even though we had always known we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, we are so excited to have made it official.

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Special Thanks

Kenneth Jackson
 | Photographer