Molly Ann and Kyle

Image 1 of Molly Ann and Kyle

How We Met

He asked for my phone number from my friend who was one of his employees. My friend said, “no way; but I’ll give her your number and have her call you if she’s interested.” I sat on his number a while then had two tickets to a country music concert & called him up to see if he’d like to go. Stormiest winter blizzard of the year! My dad had no idea I was going on a date and insisted if it gets too bad, I spend the night. Hahaha, I had to tell my mom to let him know I was on a date with someone I’d never met.

How They Asked

I scheduled family pictures this fall for my parents and myself and Kyle. We took pictures and just as we were finishing the photographer said, “the lighting is so much better now let’s redo the RR track pictures of Molly & Kyle.” I was more concerned about the sun in our eyes and the wind blowing my hair everywhere than noticing Kyle getting down on one knee! He said, “Molly Ann will you marry me?” I was in total disbelief and kept asking if he was serious. My dad and the photographer knew but me and my mom were so excited and shocked. He asked my dad the night prior for my hand like a gentleman should. My ring is gorgeous and the smallest size the jeweler ever made he told my fiancé. We are planning a summer 2021 wedding in the Upper Peninsula of MI where we live.