Molly and Tim

Molly and Tim's Engagement in Hope Pass in Colorado - outside of Twin Lakes, CO

How We Met

Our story: I was living in Denver in 2016 and my New Years Resolution that year was to go on one date a month as I was struggling to put myself out into the dating world. It was January 2nd, 2016 and I and my girlfriends went out to celebrate the new year – that night I saw Tim and his friend walk into the bar and I decided to try something new, approach the guy instead of waiting and hoping he would approach me. After a terrible opening line about Adele (“Hello…. how do you feel about Adele?” based on her recently released song Hello. More like, Hello, random question!), Tim and his friend still decided to entertain conversation and Tim and I connected instantly. After that night we made first date plans and had the! That’s a whole other story that involves starting at an Art Museum and ending the night dancing at a gay bar!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Hope Pass in Colorado - outside of Twin Lakes, CO

I decided to make things confusing by getting a job offer in my dream city of Chicago only a few weeks after we met. I chose to follow my dream and move to Chicago. Leading up to the move, we spent as much time together as possible. This leads to me asking Tim if he wanted to be my February boyfriend, thinking our relationship would end when the haul was packed and headed East on I-80. Communication between Tim and I did not stop even with the new few thousand miles between us. I am happy to say that Tim and I tried, and conquered, long distance for two years (after only knowing each other for a few weeks!). I moved back to Denver in early 2018 and since the move, we have bought a house together and are now engaged! We are so happy and so excited to be husband and wife next year!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Hope Pass in Colorado - outside of Twin Lakes, CO

how they asked

It was Labor Day Weekend 2018 and Tim and I was going on our first backpacking trip together near Twin Lakes, CO with a few close friends. Tim and I had gone ring shopping 5 days prior, but going into the weekend I didn’t think that a proposal would happen because frankly, Tim doesn’t make any big decisions too quickly :)

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Hope Pass in Colorado - outside of Twin Lakes, CO

It was a two-night backpacking trip and the first night we made camp and had a great night staring at the stars and eating our freeze-dried meals by the fire. We woke up the next morning on September 1st, 2018 surrounded by evergreens and a bright sun. We packed up camp and hiked another couple miles to our final destination which was this beautiful lake at the base of Hope Pass. We set up camp again in the most beautiful scenery and then decided to hike to the very top (Hope Pass) to catch the view.

We started the final leg of the hike to Hope Pass and I started to not feel the best and almost turned around and luckily I did not as I soon found out this would’ve ruined Tim’s master plan. Tim hiked the trail slowly with me and seemed so calm and relaxed (which to me is the sweetest knowing that he was about to PROPOSE). The only inkling I had was when he said “The view will be worth it. VERY worth it.”

We reach the top and Tim quickly hands his phone to my cousin/BFF who had beat us to the top. I thought this was interesting as I am usually the one who wants to take the pictures, but I went along with it. After taking a normal picture, Tim started shifting down to one knee and began pulling a ring from his pocket. I backed away from him in astonishment as he began to say “Will you marry me?” I gasped and spent a couple minutes catching my breath, laughing, and eventually ugly crying. I finally managed to squeak out a “Yes!”

He grabbed a small bottle of champagne from his bag and we celebrated with a beautiful view! One of the best parts to me was that we did not have phone service for 24 hours after the proposal so we headed down the mountain and played cards, relaxed and soaked in the new moments of being engaged.

The next morning we headed back to our car and started to tell our family and friends! Tim and I love camping and being outdoors so I could not imagine a more perfect proposal!