Molly and Steven

How We Met

Steven and I met during college at Ball State University in Indiana. I transferred to Ball State my sophomore year and was excited to start my educational career at a new school. My parents and I pulled into the parking lot of Park Hall to move my stuff in, and 2 goofy guys, Steven and Davon, came over and asked if they could help me move in. They asked what my room number was, and lo and behold, our rooms were across the hall from each other! Steven and I were both in relationships during our sophomore year and we never really hung out or even spoke. Flash forward to senior year of college and I was fresh out of a new relationship. I decided to download Tinder with my college roommate to see who we knew on there from high school and college just for fun. I came across Steven’s page and said to my roommate, “oh my gosh I lived across the hall from this guy! He is so weird!” My roommate scrolled through his pictures and told me he was cute and I should swipe right! I will still hesitant because I thought he was so weird (haha!). I swiped right and we ended up meeting up at homecoming that weekend and the rest is history (I guess I decided that maybe he wasn’t all that weird after all!)

how they asked

After graduating from Ball State in May of 2017, Steven and I moved down to Charlotte, NC together. This was a big and scary change for both of us, but we were really excited to see where this new adventure would take us. Christmas time rolled around and since we were still dating, we decided to go our separate ways to celebrate Christmas with our own families. When we came back, he was acting really weird with his phone, which immediately made me feel uneasy. He told me he was planning a surprise for me, which is why he was acting so strange. I was hesitant, but I trusted him. Five months later on May 26th, Memorial Day weekend, we had friends come to visit.

Saturday afternoon Steven suggested we show them our favorite park to “bird watch” and then go to our favorite local brewery after for their summer fest. We got dressed and ready to go to the park, and I had no idea what was actually about to unfold. We got to the park and were walking around and as we walked over the bridge, my entire family from Indiana, Steven’s family from Ohio/Florida, and our closest friends (Indiana/Ohio) all walked out of the gazebo at the end of the bridge! My first words were “what did you do!?” They approached us and Steven took a rose from his mom (he also used to rose to ask me to be his girlfriend), got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I was so surprised!

He also had the entire weekend planned out for us to go to our favorite breakfast spot, the Whitewater Center, and our favorite breweries/bars with our friends and family. He spent 5 months planning the most elaborate proposal and weekend. I found out after the fact that there was a huge group message with everyone that was coming for the last 5 months that I was completely oblivious to! It was the greatest proposal and weekend of my life, and I couldn’t have imagined my proposal story would be this amazing!